Motorola 68000 microprocessor family

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  • » 8-bit microprocessor
  • » Up to 2 MHz
  • » 64 KB RAM
  • » No I/O ports
40-pin DIP
  • » 32-bit CPU
  • » 16-bit data bus
  • » Up to 20 MHz
  • » 16 MB RAM
  • » No I/O ports
64-pin DIP
68-pin LCC
68-pin PGA
  • » 8-bit data bus
  • » Up to 16.67 MHz
  • » 4 MB RAM
  • » 32-bit CPU
  • » 16-bit data bus
  • » Up to 16 MHz
  • » 16 MB RAM
  • » Virtual memory support
  • » No I/O ports
64-pin DIP
68-pin PLCC
68-pin PGA
Motorola 68000 (MC68000) is the first member of 680x0 line of microprocessors. Internally the 68000 is a 32-bit microprocessor - it has 32-bit data and address registers. Externally the processor has 16-bit data bus and 24-bit address bus, which limits the size of addressable memory to 16 MB. Motorola also made 68008 - a version of 68000 CPU with 8-bit external data bus. In addition to basic HMOS 68000 and 68008 processors the following modifications were produced:
  • 68HC000 - low-power HCMOS version of Motorola 68000
  • 68HC001 - low-power HCMOS version with selectable 8/16 bit external data bus.
  • 68EC000 - embedded version
  • 68SEC000 - embedded version of Motorola 68000 with static core

The 68000 architecture was much more flexible than other CPU families (z80, 80x86, z80000, etc) from programming point of view as it could be easily expanded to support full 32-bit data and address buses. This was done in Motorola 68020 family.

HMOS 68000 processors were manufactured at speeds up to 16 MHz. HCMOS 68000 microprocessors are still manufactured at this time (May 2007) at speeds up to 20 MHz.

Apple Lisa 2, Apple Macintosh 128, Atari 520STfm and 1040STfm, Commodore Amiga 500 and 1000.

Die pictures:

List of 68000 manufacturers

Apple 68000-8

8 MHz
64-pin side-brazed ceramic DIP

This 68000 microprocessor was not manufactured by Apple, but it was put into separate "Apple" category due to very unusual Apple copyright on the CPU. It's likely the CPU was manufactured by Hitachi as their 68000 processors have similar packaging and chip markings.

Picture of: Apple 68000-8

Hitachi HD68000-6

6 MHz
64-pin side-brazed ceramic DIP

Picture of: Hitachi HD68000-6

Mostek MK68000P-8B

8 MHz
64-pin plastic DIP

Picture of: Mostek MK68000P-8B

Motorola XC68000L (SN807)

64-pin side-brazed ceramic DIP

Very rare engineering sample of Motorola 68000 processor. First engineering samples of 68000 were marked with serial numbers. This specific chip was manufactured in October 1979 and has serial number 807.

Picture of: Motorola XC68000L (SN807)

Rockwell R68000C8

8 MHz
64-pin side-brazed ceramic DIP

Picture of: Rockwell R68000C8

ST TS68000CP10

10 MHz
64-pin plastic DIP

Picture of: ST TS68000CP10

Signetics SCN68000C4I64

4 MHz
64-pin side-brazed ceramic DIP

Picture of: Signetics SCN68000C4I64

Thomson TS68000CFN16

16 MHz
68-lead plastic LCC

Picture of: Thomson TS68000CFN16

Toshiba TMP68HC000P-10

Toshiba microprocessors from TLCS-68000 family were fully compatible with Motorola M68000 devices. Toshiba manufactured both NMOS and CMOS processors in a variety of packages, including DIP, shrink DIP, ceramic PGA, PLCC and plastic QFP. Toshiba also offered 68K-derived controllers, and a number of peripheral devices for the TLCS-68000 family.

Picture of: Toshiba TMP68HC000P-10

List of 68000 modifications

Hitachi HD68000Y10

10 MHz
68-pin ceramic PGA

Picture of: Hitachi HD68000Y10

Motorola MC68EC000FN10

10 MHz
68-lead plastic LCC

Picture of: Motorola MC68EC000FN10

Motorola MC68HC000LC8

8 MHz
64-pin side-brazed ceramic DIP

Picture of: Motorola MC68HC000LC8

Motorola MC68HC001CFN8

8 MHz
68-lead plastic LCC
Extended temperature range -40 - +85°C

Picture of: Motorola MC68HC001CFN8

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