Motorola 68008 microprocessor family

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  • » 32-bit CPU
  • » 8-bit data bus
  • » Up to 16.67 MHz
  • » 4 MB RAM
  • » No I/O ports
48-pin DIP
52-pin PLCC
  • » 16-bit data bus
  • » Up to 20 MHz
  • » 16 MB RAM
Motorola 68008 (MC68008) microprocessor belongs to the first generation of 68000 microprocessors. The 68008 is fully object-code compatible with the 68000, but not pin-compatible with it. The 68008 has 8-bit data bus, and, depending on packaging, it may have 20-bit or 22-bit address bus. Because the processor has smaller address and data buses, it doesn't require as many signal pins as the 68000 microprocessor and could be manufactured in smaller packages:
  • The 68008 microprocessor in 48-pin ceramic or plastic DIP package can address up to 1 MB of memory.
  • The processor in 52-pin PLCC package can address up to 4 MB of memory.

Due to smaller size of the data bus the Motorola 68008 needs twice as many fetches to read instructions and data - this makes the CPU slower than the 68000 microprocessor running at the same frequency.

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List of 68008 manufacturers

Mostek MK68008N-8A

8 MHz
48-pin plastic DIP

Picture of: Mostek MK68008N-8A

Motorola MC68008LC8

8 MHz
48-pin side-brazed ceramic DIP

Picture of: Motorola MC68008LC8

ST TS68008CFN10

10 MHz
52-pin plastic LCC

Picture of: ST TS68008CFN10

Thomson EF68008P8

8 MHz
48-pin plastic DIP

Picture of: Thomson EF68008P8

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