Motorola 68012 (MC68012) microprocessor family

Motorola 68012 (MC68012) is a 68010-compatible microprocessor with large memory support. The width of 68012 address bus was increased to 31 bits, this allows the CPU to address up to 2 GB of physical memory. All other features of the 68012 microprocessor - virtual memory support, 16-bit data bus, instruction set - are the same as for the 68010 CPU.

The 68012 is not pin-compatible with the 68010 microprocessor. The MC68010 was produced in 68-pin PGA package, and MC68012 is housed in 84-pin PGA package. Larger pin-count for the 68012 package was necessary to accommodate six additional address bus signals.

The MC68012 was used as an interactive processor in Alliant FX/8 computers. One FX/8 computer could have up to 12 68012 microprocessors.

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