Motorola 68030 (MC68030) microprocessor family

Motorola 68030 (MC68030) is an enhanced version of 68020 microprocessor. The 68030 CPU has 32-bit address bus and can address up to 4 GB of physical memory. Data bus width on the MC68030 is dynamic - the CPU can work with 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit data buses. Both data and address buses can run in new synchronous mode - in this mode data transfer time is reduced up to 33% (from 3 clock cycles to 2 clock cycles). If desired, the 68030 can be switched back to asynchronous mode. Another new bus mode is a burst memory mode. In this mode the bus can transfer up to 4 long words (16 bytes of data) with average transfer time 1 clock cycle per long word. The 68030 integrates modified version of MC68851 Paged Memory Management Unit (PMMU). To control integrated PMMU the CPU has 4 new instructions.

The MC68030 has better performance than the 68020 due to a few core enhancements:

  • The CPU has additional 256-byte data cache with one clock access time.
  • Access time for the instruction cache was reduced by 50% - from two to one clock cycle.
  • New burst memory interface can be used to quickly fill-in data and instruction caches.
  • On-chip MMU can perform address translation in parallel to other CPU functions.

Like the 68020 microprocessor, the 68030 supports Motorola 68881 and 68882 co-processors.

Motorola also produced 68EC030 (MC68EC0300 - embedded version of the 68030 microprocessor. The 68EC030 doesn't have integrated memory management unit, all other features of the 68EC030 are the same as for Motorola 68030.

Some Motorola 68030 and 68EC030 microprocessors were marked with custom part numbers. To identify these processors please see List of Motorola custom part numbers.

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PGA128 QFP132

Production microprocessors

Motorola MC68030FE16 / MC68030FE16B
16 MHz
132-pin ceramic QFP
Motorola MC68030RC20 / MC68030RC20B
20 MHz
128-pin ceramic PGA
Motorola XC68030RC20 / XC68030RC20B
20 MHz
128-pin ceramic PGA
Motorola MC68030RC40 / MC68030RC40B
40 MHz
128-pin ceramic PGA
Motorola XC68030RC40 / XC68030RC40B
40 MHz
128-pin ceramic PGA
Motorola MC68030RC50 / MC68030RC50B / MC68030RC50C
50 MHz
128-pin ceramic PGA

MC68030 50 MHz processor is the fastest Motorola 68030 CPU. This specific processor has revision "C", that is it was produced using 0.8 micron technology. The revision "C" is the latest revision of the processor. At the time of writing (July 2005) 68030 processors with "C" revision are still produced by Freescale Semiconductor (spinoff of Motorola Semiconductor division).

Engineering / Qualification / Other samples

Motorola XC68030MECHFE
132-pin ceramic QFP

Mechanical sample
Motorola PC68030FE20 / PC68030FE20B
20 MHz
132-pin ceramic QFP

Engineering sample
Motorola PC68030FE25 / PC68030FE25B
25 MHz
132-pin ceramic QFP

Engineering sample

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