Motorola 68040 (MC68040) microprocessor family

Motorola 68040 (MC68040) is the next generation of 68020 / 68030 32-bit microprocessors. The CPU has 32-bit address and data buses, and can address up to 4 GB of memory. The 68040 has two privilege modes - user mode and supervisor mode. User mode is object-code compatible with earlier generations of 680x0 processors. Supervisor mode is not fully compatible with earlier 68K CPUs due to changes in memory management and exception processing. The 68040 supports new synchronous and burst bus modes, that were introduced by 68030 CPU.

The processor includes a few enhancements that improve processor performance. The size of each cache on the 68040 CPU was increased to 4 KB. The CPU also integrates Floating Point Unit. The integrated FPU can execute most common Motorola 68881 / 68882 instructions and data types. Execution time of all supported Floating-Point instructions was significantly reduced. All unsupported FP instructions and data types are emulated in software. The Motorola 68040 also features separate memory management units for instructions and data, and multiple independent execution pipelines. Some internal logic of the Motorola 68040 uses 2x clock frequency, but the processor cannot be considered double-clocked.

In addition to basic MC68040 version, that included both FPU and MMU units, the following modifications were produced:

  • 68LC040 (MC68LC040) does not include FPU.
  • 68EC040 (MC68EC040) does not include FPU and MMU units
  • 68040V (MC68040V) is a 3.3V static processor that can be clocked down to 0 MHz. This CPU doesn't include integrated FPU.
  • 68EC040V (MC68EC040V) - is a 3.3V static processor without FPU and MMU units.

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List of 68040 modifications

Motorola XC68040HRC25M

25 MHz
179-pin ceramic PGA

Picture of: Motorola XC68040HRC25M

Motorola PC68EC040RC25 / PC68EC040RC25A

25 MHz
179-pin ceramic PGA

Picture of: Motorola PC68EC040RC25 / PC68EC040RC25A

Motorola MC68LC040FE25A / MC68LC040FE25B

25 MHz
184-pin QFP

Picture of: Motorola MC68LC040FE25A / MC68LC040FE25B

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