Motorola 6809 microprocessor family

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  • » 8-bit microprocessor
  • » Up to 2 MHz
  • » 64 KB RAM
  • » No I/O ports
40-pin DIP
  • » 8-bit CPU
  • » UP to 2 MHz
  • » 64 KB RAM
  • » No I/O ports
40-pin DIP
44-pin plastic LCC
  • » 32-bit CPU
  • » 16-bit data bus
  • » Up to 20 MHz
  • » 16 MB RAM
Motorola 6809 (MC6809) is an enhanced version of the 6800 microprocessor. The 6809 is not object-code compatible with the 6800, but it is source-code compatible. The 6809 processor added many new features:
  • New instructions for loading effective address into registers and exchanging the contents of registers.
  • New stack handling instructions, including instructions for saving and retrieving the contents of one or more registers to/from the stack. In addition to the system stack pointer the 6809 includes additional user stack pointer.
  • New Direct Page register was added to the MC6809 processor. This register allowed the CPU to use any memory page for direct page addressing.
  • Indexed addressing of the 6809 was expanded to provide many new addressing modes: indexed addressing using one of 4 registers (2 stack points, X index register or new Y index register) with 5-bit, 8-bit or 16-bit offset, indexed with accumulator offset, indexed with auto-increment or auto-decrement by 1 or 2, and relative to program counter addressing.
  • Limited support for 16-bit data processing.
  • 16-bit relative branches could be used to branch anywhere in memory. These branches, Direct Page register and big number of indexed addressing modes greatly simplified process of writing of position-independent code.

The Motorola 6809 was produced in two versions - with on-chip clock (6809) and with external clock input (6809E).

Second-source manufacturers
AMI, Fairchild, Hitachi, SGS-Thomson, Thomson

Die pictures:
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List of 6809 manufacturers

AMI S6809

1 MHz
40-pin side-brazed ceramic DIP
Purple ceramic/gold top/gold pins

Picture of: AMI S6809

Fairchild F68B09P

2 MHz
40-pin plastic DIP

Picture of: Fairchild F68B09P

Fujitsu MBL68B09E

40-pin plastic DIP

Picture of: Fujitsu MBL68B09E

Hitachi HD68B09

2 MHz
40-pin side-brazed ceramic DIP
Purple ceramic/Silver top/tin pins

Picture of: Hitachi HD68B09

Motorola MC6809L

1 MHz
40-pin side-brazed ceramic DIP
Purple ceramic/gold top/gold pins

Picture of: Motorola MC6809L

SGS-Thomson EF68B09J

40-pin ceramic DIP

Picture of: SGS-Thomson EF68B09J

Thomson EF6809P

1 MHz
40-pin plastic DIP

Picture of: Thomson EF6809P

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