Intel 80186 microprocessor family

Intel 80186 microprocessor, sometimes called i186, is an enhanced version of Intel 8086 16-bit processor. Being completely object code compatible with the 8086, the 80186 integrated many system components into one chip, added 7 new instructions, and added new operand types to three existing 8086 instructions. With the exception of integrated components, the Intel 80186 microprocessor is not very different from the 8086, and, because of this, the 80186 may be considered as an embedded version of 8086. The 80186 didn't even have its own version of co-processor and worked with Intel 8087. Although the Intel 80186 was not widely used in the computers as the 8086 and 80286 did, it was successful in embedded processor market. In fact, the processor was so successful, that many different versions of the processor were introduced over last 20 years - 80C186 (new features), 80186EA, 80186EB, etc. At this time (September 2006) some of these versions are still in production.
Second source manufacturers
AMD, Fujitsu, Siemens (Infineon).

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List of 80186 manufacturers

AMD C80186-1

10 MHz
68-pin ceramic LCC

Picture of: AMD C80186-1

Fujitsu MBL80186 (PGA)

68-pin ceramic PGA

Picture of: Fujitsu MBL80186 (PGA)

Intel C80186

68-pin ceramic LCC

Engineering sample of Intel 80186

Picture of: Intel C80186

Siemens SAB80186-R

8 MHz
68-pin ceramic LCC

Picture of: Siemens SAB80186-R

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