AMD 8087 floating-point unit family

AMD published a datasheet for 8087 FPU in 1983 data book "MOS microprocessors and peripherals". This datasheet mentioned only 5 MHz D8087 coprocessor in ceramic DIP package. It is not clear if AMD ever manufactured any other speed grades or packages of 8087 FPU. At this moment (June 1996) there are no known samples of AMD 8087 co-processors.

Information below was provided to us by John Bond:

AMD only made the 8087 for less than 1 year. They started development after they heard about Cyrix and only made about 20 or 30 lots. The commercial market for it went down after they jumped in the market and Intel came out the 80186/80187. I think they sold most of the material to a company in AZ that tested them to MIL-Specs and re-badged the chips in their name. Can't remember who that was.
If you have any information and pictures of AMD 8087 co-processors please post a comment, or contact us. If you have samples of AMD 8087 co-processors please contact us - we'd be glad to buy them.
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