Cyrix 8087 floating-point unit family

We couldn't find any official information about Cyrix 8087 FPU. Even unconfirmed information is very scarce about this chip. Cyrix started selling 8087 co-processors sometime in 1987 - 1988, 7 - 8 years after it was released by Intel. It is possible that Cyrix also produced 80C87 - CMOS version of 8087. Because it is impossible to find any Cyrix 8087 chips now, we estimate that not many co-processors were produced.

Information below was provided to us by John Bond:

My first contact with small ($5 mill capitalization) private company named Cyrix in Dallas, TX in 1987, they were developing their first product math co-processor clone of the Intel 8087 math co-processor. They were the first company to clone the Intel 8087.
If you have any information, datasheets and pictures of Cyrix 8087 co-processors please post a comment, or contact us. If you have samples of Cyrix 8087 co-processors please contact us - we'd be glad to buy them.
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