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AMD FX-Series FX-4200 - FD4200FRW4KGU

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Preliminary information. The part is not released yet.
Only partial specifications are provided.

AMD FX-4200 specifications

General information
TypeCPU / Microprocessor
Market segmentDesktop
FamilyAMD FX-Series
Model number  ? FX-4200
CPU part numberFD4200FRW4KGU is an OEM/tray microprocessor
Frequency  ? 3300 MHz
Package938-pin micro-PGA package
SocketSocket AM3+
Architecture / Microarchitecture
Processor core  ? Zambezi
Core stepping  ? B2
Manufacturing process0.032 micron
Data width64 bit
The number of cores4
The number of threads4
Floating Point UnitIntegrated
Level 1 cache size  ? 2 x 64 KB two-way associative shared instruction caches
4 x 16 KB 4-way associative data caches
Level 2 cache size  ? 2 x 2 MB 16-way associative shared exclusive caches
Level 3 cache size8 MB up to 64-way associative shared cache
  • MMX instructions
  • SSE / Streaming SIMD Extensions
  • SSE2 / Streaming SIMD Extensions 2
  • SSE3 / Streaming SIMD Extensions 3
  • SSSE3 / Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3
  • SSE4 / SSE4.1 + SSE4.2 / Streaming SIMD Extensions 4  ? 
  • SSE4a  ? 
  • AES / Advanced Encryption Standard instructions
  • ABM / Advanced Bit Manipulation  ? 
  • AVX / Advanced Vector Extensions
  • FMA4 / 4-operand Fused Multiply-Add instructions
  • XOP / eXtended Operations instructions
  • AMD64 / AMD 64-bit technology  ? 
  • VT / Virtualization technology  ? 
  • EVP / Enhanced Virus Protection  ? 
  • Turbo Core 2.0 technology
Low power features
  • Core C1, C1E, C6 and CC6 states
  • Package S3, S4 and S5 states
  • PowerNow!
Integrated peripherals / components
Memory controller
  • The number of controllers: 1
    Memory channels: 2
    Supported memory: DDR3
Other peripheralsHyperTransport 3.1 technology
Electrical / Thermal parameters
Thermal Design Power  ? 125 Watt
Notes on AMD FD4200FRW4KGU
  • The processor has unlocked clock multiplier

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AMD FX-4200 is available for pre-order
May 12, 2012: AMD FX-400 quad-core series currently includes two CPUs: FX-4100 and FX-4170. At least two other models from the same series, FX-4130 and FX-4150, were discovered in leaked AMD roadmaps, although they are not launched yet. It is possible that another quad-core FX processor may be released before the 4130 and 4150. AMD FX-4200 was spotted in Gigabyte and MSI CPU support lists in March and April, and recently appeared in Bottom Line Telecommunications online store.

New AMD FX processors sighted in MSI support list
Apr 10, 2012: In March Donanimhaber published a slide with details of two FX-Series microprocessors, coming in the second quarter. According to the slide, AMD FX-4130 and FX-6130 are not going to be the fastest CPUs on the block, as such we hope that they will be less expensive than current FX-4170 and FX-6200 products. Specifications of FX-4130 and FX-6130 CPUs were recently confirmed, when MSI added their specs to CPU support list of MSI 890FXA-GD70 motherboard.

AMD FX-4200 CPU spotted in Gigabyte support list
Mar 28, 2012: In the third quarter of the year AMD is going to launch new FX processors with "Piledriver" core, that should improve efficiency of current Bulldozer cores. Before the launch, the company was planning to release a couple of FX chips based on older Bulldozer micro-architecture. In February Donanimhaber published a slide with roadmap for the first three quarters of 2012. If the roadmap is correct, we should see FX-4120 and FX-6120 in the second quarter. It is possible that in addition to these microprocessors, AMD will also release FX-4200, that was spotted today on Gigabyte website by

CPU ID information for the FX-4200

We don't have CPU ID information for the AMD FX-4200 CPU in our database. If you have this processor please use our CPUID tool to submit CPUID information. During submission, please specify family name, FD4200FRW4KGU part number, and, most importantly, make the CPUID record public. To search or browse all public CPUID submissions please visit CPUID database.

CPUs, related to AMD FX-4200

Model Cores /
Frequency Turbo
TDP Features Price  
AMD FX-Series family, Socket AM3+
   FX-42004 / 43.3 GHz 8 MB125W  
   FX-61206 / 63.5 GHz4.1 GHz8 MB95W >
   FX-63006 / 63.5 GHz4.1 GHz8 MB95W$112>
   FX-62006 / 63.8 GHz4.1 GHz8 MB125W$132>
   FX-63506 / 63.9 GHz4.2 GHz8 MB125W$132>
   FX-81008 / 82.8 GHz3.7 GHz8 MB95W >
   FX-81208 / 83.1 GHz4 GHz8 MB125W$153>
   FX-8120 (95W)8 / 83.1 GHz4 GHz8 MB95W >
   FX-81408 / 83.2 GHz4.1 GHz8 MB95W >
   FX-83008 / 83.3 GHz4.2 GHz8 MB95W >
   FX-83208 / 83.5 GHz4 GHz8 MB125W$153>
   FX-81508 / 83.6 GHz4.2 GHz8 MB125W$183>
   FX-83508 / 84 GHz4.2 GHz8 MB125W$195>
   FX-93708 / 84.4 GHz4.7 GHz8 MB220W$224>
   FX-95908 / 84.7 GHz5 GHz8 MB220W$306>
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 • The 'Price' column shows official AMD prices as of Mar 11, 2014. Prices for obsolete and tray-only processors are not provided.
 • List of related CPUs is not complete.

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2014-02-09 15:27:22
Posted by: ppp

After just 2 years this thing made its way to the retailers, lol, available since 5.2.2014.

Only new info is Turbo up to 4.0 Ghz (it is listed on the website of the shops). And it really looks like this is a special disabled 8-core with 4 modules but only 1 thread per module active.

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