VIA C7-D microprocessor

VIA C7-D is a desktop version of C7 microprocessor family. The C7-D CPUs have slightly higher Thermal Design Power that C7-M microprocessors (desktop C7 1.8 GHz has 20 Watt TDP as opposed to 18 Watt for mobile C7 1.8 GHz), and the same set of features as C7 and C7-M microprocessors: 128 KB Level 1 cache, 128 KB exclusive level 2 cache, L2 hardware prefetch mechanism, advanced branch prediction, and support for SSE2 and SSE3 instructions. The C7-D family includes Padlock security engine, which, besides Random Number Generator, Secure Hash engine for SHA-1 and SHA-256 algorithms, AES encryption, also incorporates NX protection bit - a feature similar to Enhanced Virus protection in AMD microprocessors and Execute Disable bit in Intel processors. The desktop C7 processors are packaged in very small, 21mm x 21 mm (less than 1 inch by 1 inch) Ball Grid Array package.

There are two different models of C7-D processors - model A with CPUID 06Axh, and model D with CPUID 06Dxh. Both models can be visually identified from a lot number - model A processors have a lot number starting from "D6", and model D CPUs have a lot number starting from "B9".

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Production microprocessors

VIA C7-D 1500/400
1.5 GHz
400 MHz FSB

Top view
VIA C7-D 2000/800
2 GHz
800 MHz FSB

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