Intel Core i5 processor families

Intel Core i5 microprocessor family, released in September 2009, is a family of processors with medium-level performance as compared to Core i7. The i5 processors include many features found in Core i7 Nehalem CPUs - single-die quad-core design, on-die DDR3 memory controller, point-to-point protocol used to communicate with I/O devices, 256 KB level 2 cache (per core), large shared level 3 cache, SSE4 instructions, and support for such features as Virtualization technology and Turbo Boost technology. Some features, though, were crippled or completely removed in the Core i5 CPUs:
  • The microprocessors include dual-channel memory controller as opposed to triple-channel controller in Nehalem CPUs.
  • Instead of Quick Path Interface, the i5 processors feature slower Direct Media Interface point-to-point protocol.
  • i5-7xx processors do not support Hyper-Threading technology.
  • Future i5-6xx microprocessors do include Hyper-Threading feature, but they have only two CPU cores.

Desktop Intel Core i5 microprocessors are packaged in 1156-land Land-Grid Array (LGA) package, and require socket 1156 motherboards.

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Desktop Mobile
0.045 micron
4 cores

List of Core_i5 families

Intel Core i5-750 - BV80605001911AP / BX80605I5750 / BXC80605I5750
Author: Chrisch

Picture of: Intel Core i5-750 - BV80605001911AP / BX80605I5750 / BXC80605I5750

Core i5 Mobile family of dual-core microprocessors is based on 0.032 micron Arrandale core, and is built on Westmere (enhanced Nehalem) micro-architecture. The family consists of two lines of microprocessors - i5-4xx and i5-5xx. Both lines incorporate the same basic features, including 3 MB shared level 3 cache, SSE4 instructions, and HyperThreading, Virtualization (VT-x) and Turbo Boost technologies. More expensive i5-5xx line also incorporates VT-d Virtualization, advanced security features (AES new instructions and TXT technology), and is generally clocked higher than Core i5-4xx processors released at the same time frame. Price-wise and performance-wise all Core i5 Mobile processors are positioned between cheaper Core i3 mobile family, and more expensive and powerful Core i7 mobile processors. The i5 mobile family has poorer performance than mobile i7 family due to lower core frequencies, smaller size of level 3 cache, and smaller number of cores, although the i5 processors do include every single technology that is also present in Core i7 mobile CPUs. Mobile Core i5s are packaged either in 988-pin micro-PGA package, or 1288-ball micro-BGA package.
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At a glance

64-bit microprocessor
September, 2009
Technology (micron):
0.022 - 0.045
The number of cores:
2, 4
Frequency (GHz):
1.06 - 3.6
L3 cache size (MB):
3 - 8