AMD K6-III (K6-3) processor families

K6-III (sometimes called K6-3) microprocessor family is based on AMD K6-2 family and improves it by adding an integrated on-die 256 KB level 2 (L2) cache. K6-2 microprocessors utilize L2 cache located on a motherboard - this cache runs at bus frequency, i.e. at 100 MHz at most. Integrated L2 cache on K6-III processors is much faster as it runs at processor frequency. As an added bonus, the L2 cache located on a motherboard works for K6-III CPUs as L3 cache. In general, integrated L2 cache on K6-3 processors greatly improves their performance - by up to 20% and more.

There are a few variations of K6-III microprocessors that target different segments of computer market:

  • Mobile - K6-IIIP and K6-III+
  • Desktop - K6-III
  • Embedded - K6-IIIE+

All desktop and some mobile AMD K6-III processors are made on 0.25 micron technology. All embedded and mobile K6-III+ microprocessors are manufactured using 0.18 micron technology. The 0.18 micron processors have lower core voltage, run cooler than 0.25 micron CPUs, and usually overclock better.

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Desktop Embedded
BGA349 Socket 7
66MHz 95MHz

List of K6-III families

AMD K6-III 333 - AMD-K6-III/333AFR

333 MHz
321-pin ceramic staggered PGA

Picture of: AMD K6-III 333 - AMD-K6-III/333AFR

AMD Mobile K6-III 366 - AMD-K6-III/366AFK

366 MHz
321-pin ceramic staggered PGA

Picture of: AMD Mobile K6-III 366 - AMD-K6-III/366AFK

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At a glance

32-bit microprocessor
Technology (micron):
0.18, 0.25
Frequency (MHz):
333 - 550
L2 cache size (KB):
Socket 7
Super socket 7