AMD K6 processor families

AMD K6 family is the second generation of x86-compatible 32-bit processors designed by AMD. The K6 microprocessor is based on Enhanced RISC86 core. This core uses special decoder units to translate complex x86 instructions into short RISC-like instructions, that are executed by seven execution units: two integer units, multimedia unit, FPU, branch unit, and load and store units. This design allows the RISC86 core to execute up to 4 RISC-like instructions per cycle. Another advantage of RISC core is the ability to run at frequencies higher then processors with CISC-based cores. In addition to the new core, the AMD K6 has other performance enhancements over its predecessor, an AMD K5:
  • The size of level 1 instruction and data caches was increased to 32 KB each.
  • The processor included support for MMX instruction set.

Overall the AMD K6 processor was faster than similar clocked K5 CPU in integer and floating-point calculations.

Initially, the K6 processors used Pentium II Rating (PR2) to designate their speed. The PR2 rating was dropped because the rated frequency of the processor was the same as the real frequency.

AMD produced both desktop and mobile K6 processors. Mobile K6 processors had lower core voltage and lower power requirements than desktop K6 microprocessors.

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List of K6 families

AMD K6 166 - AMD-K6/PR2-166ALR

166 MHz PR2 rating, 166 MHz real
321-pin ceramic staggered PGA

Early AMD K6 processors included PR2 (Pentium II rating) in their name. In the second half of 1997 the PR2 rating was dropped from the part number as the rated processor speed matched real processor speed.

This processor was manufactured in April 1997 - just weeks after the K6 processor family was launched by AMD.

Picture of: AMD K6 166 - AMD-K6/PR2-166ALR

AMD Mobile K6 266 MHz - AMD-K6/266ACZ

266 MHz
321-pin ceramic staggered PGA

Mobile AMD K6 processors were almost the same as desktop CPUs. Mobile microprocessors had lower core voltage and power consumption and didn't have any additional power-saving features. These processors were packaged in the same 321-pin PGA package as desktop CPUs.

Picture of: AMD Mobile K6 266 MHz - AMD-K6/266ACZ

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