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Socket 754
Socket 939
Socket AM2
Socket S1 (S1g1)
AMD Athlon XP processor family is the successor to the Athlon CPU family. Palomino, the first Athlon XP core, had a few improvements over the previous Athlon core:
  • Full set of SSE instructions
  • Palomino core added a data prefetch mechanism.
  • Increased the size of the Translation Look-aside Buffer.

All Athlon XP Palomino CPUs had 266 MHz bus speed, and were manufactured using 0.18 micron technology.

Next revision of Athlon XP core, called Thoroughbred, was manufactured on newer 0.13 micron technology, and as a result, had smaller die size and lower power dissipation than the Palomino core. Bus speed of some Thoroughbred processors was increased to 333 MHz.

Bus speed of Athlon XP family was increased even further with the introduction of Barton core. In addition to faster bus speed the Barton core also had twice as much L2 cache memory - 512 KB. Athlon XP Barton CPUs were manufactured on the 0.13 micron process.

Thorton, the last Athlon XP core, was the same as the Barton core with L2 cache size slashed in half - from 512 KB to 256 KB.

Starting Athlon XP family, all AMD processors were marked with rated speed. Please see AMD Athlon XP identification page for relationship between rated speed and actual speed of AMD Athlon XP microprocessors.

Use the filter below to display microprocessors that have specific feature(s) incorporated:

Production microprocessors

AMD Athlon XP 1500+ was the slowest production Athlon XP processor. The 1500+ was clocked internally at 1.333 GHz, that is 67 MHz lower than the fastest Athlon processor with Thunderbird core. Depending on the application the Athlon XP 1500+ could be a little slower than the Athlon Thunderbird 1.4 GHz, or, as in the case of SSE-enabled applications, up to 20% faster. On average the 1500+ was a few percent faster than the Athlon Thunderbird 1.4 GHz / 266 Mhz FSB.
AMD Athlon XP 1600+ - AX1600DMT3C
1600 MHz (rated), 1400 MHz (real)
266 MHz bus speed
Staggered organic PGA (Socket A/Socket 462)

All Athlon XP microprocessors had rated speed. According to AMD, the rated speed could be used to estimate processor's performance relative to Athlon Thunderbird processors. When compared to Pentium 4 Williamette processors, the XP's rated speed was about 200 - 300 MHz lower than the speed of equally performing Pentium 4. For example, this AMD Athlon XP 1600+ was comparable to Pentium 4 1.8 or 1.9 GHz processors, and it was not uncommon for the XP 1600+ to outperform Pentium 4 Williamette 2 GHz in some benchmarks.
AMD Athlon XP 1800+ - AX1800DMT3C
1800 MHz (rated), 1533 MHz (real)
266 MHz bus speed
Staggered organic PGA (Socket A/Socket 462)
AMD Athlon XP 1800+ - AXDA1800DLT3C
1800 MHz (rated), 1533 MHz (real)
266 MHz bus speed
Staggered organic PGA (Socket A/Socket 462)
AMD Athlon XP 1800+ - AXDA1800DUT3C
1800 MHz (rated), 1533 MHz (real)
266 MHz bus speed
Staggered organic PGA (Socket A/Socket 462)
AMD Athlon XP 1900+ - AX1900DMT3C
1900 MHz (rated), 1600 MHz (real)
266 MHz bus speed
Staggered organic PGA (Socket A/Socket 462)
AMD Athlon XP 2000+ - AX2000DMT3C
2000 MHz (rated), 1667 MHz (real)
266 MHz bus speed
Staggered organic PGA (Socket A/Socket 462)

Performance of Pentium 4 microprocessors was improved with the introduction of Northwood core. The Northwood core had twice as much L2 cache memory when compared to older Williamette core, as a result performance of the Northwood processors was better than that of Williamette CPUs, but still this was not sufficient to outrun AMD Athlon XP 2000+. The 2000+ was almost always faster than the Pentium 4 2A GHz, and often as fast as Pentium 4 2.2 GHz.
AMD Athlon XP 2100+ - AXDA2100DUT3C
2100 MHz (rated), 1733 MHz (real)
266 MHz bus speed
Staggered organic PGA (Socket A/Socket 462)
AMD Athlon XP 2200+ - AXDA2200DKV3C
2200 MHz (rated), 1800 MHz (real)
266 MHz bus speed
Staggered organic PGA (Socket A/Socket 462)
AMD Athlon XP 2400+ - AXDA2400DKV3C
Athlon XP 2400+ is not the fastest CPU with Thoroughbred core, but it is still a good choice to consider if your motherboard doesn't support Barton and Thorton cores. The primary reason for this is that at this moment (May 2006) the fastest Athlon XP rated 2600 MHz is difficult to find, and it's way overpriced. As its rating suggests the Athlon XP 2400 on average is on par with Pentium 4 2.4 GHZ (depends on application), and only 5% or less slower than Athlon XP 2600+.
AMD Athlon XP 2500+ - AXDA2500DKV4D
2500 MHz (rated), 1833 MHz (real)
333 MHz bus speed
Staggered organic PGA (Socket A/Socket 462)
Athlon XP 2600+ is the fastest Athlon XP processor with Thoroughbred core and with 266 MHz FSB. This is usually the best processor upgrade for older motherboards that don't support newer Thorton and Barton cores. Be warned though that this and other "best upgrades" processors are in high demand and sometimes are difficult to find, hence they are usually overpriced.
It is very likely that all processors with this part number are fakes. There are no known genuine AMD AXDC2600DKV3C microprocessors. Fake Athlon XP 2600+ processors with a Thorton core can be easily recognized from their stepping code/date code markings - these markings are located below the part number on the top of the CPU. Stepping codes of fake Thorton processors belong to Thoroughbred core. For example, many fake 2600+ Thorton CPUs have stepping codes JIUHB and KIUHB.
Athlon XP 2600+ AXDA2600DKV3D has the same 2600 MHz rating as AXDA2600DKV3C, but it differs from it by having faster 333 MHz Front-Side Bus. One of mistakes people sometimes make is buying this processor instead of AXDA2600DKV3C to upgrade motherboards that do not support 333 MHz FSB. While this processor may run in motherboards with 266 MHz FSB, due to a fact that the processor has locked clock multiplier it will run internally at 1666 MHz, or about as fast as Athlon XP 2000+.
AMD Athlon XP 2800+ - AXDA2800DKV4D
2800 MHz (rated), 2083 MHz (real)
333 MHz bus speed
Staggered organic PGA (Socket A/Socket 462)
Athlon XP 3000+ was introduced simultaneously with new Athlon XP Barton core. Main new feature of this core is 512 KB level 2 cache, which is twice as large as L2 cache on all previously released XP microprocessors. Bigger L2 cache improved CPU performance by up to 10% - this allowed AMD increase processor rating to 3000 MHz while keeping internal CPU frequency lower than on Athlon XP 2800+ AXDA2800DKV3D.
AMD Athlon XP 3200+ - AXDA3200DKV4E
Athlon XP 3200+ is the fastest AMD processor for socket A (462). This processor has Barton core with 512 KB level 2 cache. It is one of a few socket A CPUs that support 400 MHz Front Side Bus. This processor is the best upgrade option for socket A motherboards that support it, though it does not have the best price/performance ratio. Being the fastest socket A (462) processor, it is probably one of the most expensive socket A microprocessors at the moment. To save money you may consider upgrading to Athlon XP 3000+ instead - it's only a few percent slower than the 3200+.

Fake microprocessors



2006-10-01 14:55:16
Posted by: matt

is there any possible way i could purchase an AMD socket 462 processor from any trusted website?? cos mine a 1.2 GHZ and i need a new one drasticaly..

Response: It'll be difficult to find them as they are no longer produced. has a few Duron and Sempron socket A processors.

Athlon XP Upgrade

2006-10-03 00:52:59
Posted by: johnvpc

Matt - You should be able to upgrade to the fastest Athlon XP CPU with the same native maximum bus speed as your up-to-date BIOS can accommodate. Be that: 100/200, 133/266, 167/333, 200/400. You will find used Athlon XPs of almost all MHz/FSB combinations at eBay. Know what you want. Check MB and BIOS compatability in advance to see what variety of CPUs you have open to you. I'm over there bidding on some Athlon XPs right now that are the fastest that I'm really sure will work with my mainboard. Some there are even brand new if you really insist on that. Happy shopping to you!

Which is faster..."by the numbers"

2006-10-26 19:14:02
Posted by: Joe Beppe

First, what an incredibly informative and well done site. Clearly a "labor of love". GOOD JOB!

I have TWO Athlon AXDA2400's.
One is stepping code AIXIB (though it REALLY looks like aixJb, is that possible?) and the other is AIXHB.

The numbers that follow those designations are different also.

The question is: By the numbers on the chip is it possible to tell which is the "better" processor? Are there other numbers that would guide one?

I have two systems, very similar, but one gets the heavier use and if there is any difference I'd like to know.

THANKS in advance!

Response: Performance should be the same or almost the same. Compare CPU temperatures and use cooler CPU for the system with heavier load.

AMD Athlon XP 2600+

2006-11-13 00:22:53
Posted by: Vassili

I have heard that the 2600+ processor requires a specific kind of RAM in order to recognize and use it. Is this true? If it is, could you tell me what RAM works? Thank you in advance

Response: Take a look at your motherboard manual - it will tell you what type of RAM is supported


2006-12-28 17:53:36
Posted by: Zack

i need help, i need to know first of all how to find what the name and statistics of my motherboard are

second of all do you think its possible to exchance a intel celeron processor with an AMD processor?

Response: 1st question - I'll add a motherboard identification in the next two days. 2nd question - you cannot replace Celeron with AMD.

Athlon XP 3200+

2007-01-09 08:06:03
Posted by: stoly

i found some info about an athlon cpu
AXDA3200DKV4D 3200+ 2333 MHz 333 MHz
that is not featured in the list here, does this cpu actually exist?

Response: It seems that it actually exists, though it's rare and it was never mentioned on AMD website

Which is better?

2007-01-30 01:37:05
Posted by: Steve M

I have a Sempron 2200+ 1.5ghz FSB333 and a Athlon XP 2200+ 1.8ghz FSB 266, which is faster?

Response: Athlon XP 2200+ is faster

Thoroughbred AthlonXP 2600+ Vs. Thorton AthlonXP 2200+

2007-02-05 11:01:44
Posted by: William Gatis

I have a AMD Athlon XP 2200+ AXDC2200DUV3C Thorton and a AMD Athlon XP 2600+ Thoroughbred AXDA2600DKV3D, which is faster?

Response: Athlon XP 2600+ is faster. It has faster internal frequency and faster bus frequency.

CPU for Asrock K7VM3

2007-02-07 17:15:45
Posted by: Patrick Mooney

I noticed that you could buy athlon xp 2600 (for example) with a thoroughbred, thornton, or barton core. Which is the fastest for my mb?

Response: Which core is better depends on applications you're going to run. Average performance is the same.

Locked & Unlocked AMD cpu's

2007-02-15 18:51:18
Posted by: Joker13

Don't Bother Trying
locked: All week 43 (0343) to 46 Bartons and Thoroughbreds and most (but not all) post week 46 Bartons and Durons and:

AQZEA 0338

AQXCA 0340


AQXFA 0339

AQYFA 0342


AQZFA 0342 TPMW and UPMW (multiple confirmations of both locked and unlocked chips)


Thoroughbred JIXIB 0339
Thoroughbred AIXHB 0340 UPMW
Thoroughbred AIXHB 0341 SPMW

Most made before week 35 and:

AQXFA 0340 MPMW and TPMW and UPMW and VPMW
AQZFA 0342 TPMW and UPMW (multiple confirmations of both locked and unlocked chips)

You see there is no stepping or week pattern, the only way to increase your chances is to try to get a pre week 35 Barton...

Locked & Unlocked AMD cpu's (b)

2007-02-15 19:07:34
Posted by: Joker13

The so called Super unlock:

Basically, the method involves modding of the locked chips.

'PowerNow' feature allows voltage and multiplier changes in order to preserve battery life.

So if you have motherboard/chipset/BIOS support for PowerNow which not all boards do, nForce2 does not, you can use this feature on locked desktop CPUs.

You also need to boot into Windows with your locked multiplier and the FSB with which you can boot into Windows but you cannot change the FSB inside Windows, only the multiplier. Ironically, you can change the FSB too inside Windows with nForce2s but they have no PowerNow feature so it's of no use with super locked chips.
"Are there any hidden multiplier pins from the NC, VCC, VSS pins?"...................

The main idea is to see

1. Whether there are some VCC or VSS pins, measured from VSS, have large resistance, say, > 100 ohm. Normal VCC to VSS should be much smaller, and of course normal VSS to VSS should be zero.

2. Whether there are some NC pins, measured from VSS, have relatively small resistance, say, 10 M ohm.<

3. All resistance measured from VSS is sufficient, at least for the first trial.

4. In principle, ONLY measuring VCC, VSS and NC pins from VSS is sufficient. But if one can find someone to help, may well just measuring every pins and put the resistance number from VSS in the pin layout map and analyse them after the measurement.

AMD pin layout map, on Page 55

If suspecting there are some hidden pins (not specified in data sheet) among the
- NC pin group, or
- VCC pin group, or
- VSS pin group,
one can make a resistance map or table of each pin to VSS, and look for difference.

With a probe of a DMM connected to VSS, measure the resistance of each pin to VSS, and make a table. Then compare the resistance table to the pin table. One may want to measure each pin twice with the polarity reversed.

It should not be too difficult to do, especially if one can find a helper to write down the numbers while doing the measurement.

If a pin can be measured in 4 sec, a single pass of 478 pins would take about 32 minutes. Two pass would be about an hour.

If there is/are multiplier controlling pin(s) hidden among these NC, VCC, VSS pins, the resistance of that pin(s) would stand out differently from the other regular NC, VCC, VSS pins.
- If a pin is not a VCC pin or a VSS pin, and if it goes to the input of logic gates, or FET terminals, even if there is pullup or pulldown impedance, would be >> 10 ohm.
- If a NC pin turned out to be not NC, then the resistance would be much smaller than 10M ohm.

Locked & Unlocked AMD cpu's "Spooky!"

2007-02-15 19:11:36
Posted by: Joker13

Okay, here's the scoop on the possible existence of a second set of

pins. I have spent the past three evenings ohming the 5 known BP_FID

pins on my unlocked Barton to all the other pins on the bottom and

sadly, though not unexpectedly, I must report that none of the other

pins, regardless of claimed function, be that Vss, Vcc, N/C, etc, are

connected to them.

Now, here's where it gets "creepy". I eventually snapped and did

something I never dreamed I would do. On the Locked Barton, I heated

the core with a micro hydrogen flame torch, to keep the heat locallized

to the core until the sealant around the edge softened, as well as all

the solder dots, be they bismuth, indium, or whatever low temperature

metal AMD uses, melted. I then lifted the core off the carrier.

Yes, we're talking CPUicide here. Following the traces from the L3

bridges to their destination solder dots in the array on top of the

carrier, beneath where the core sits and the dots leading inside it

touch, I discovered they were actually connected to the core's

corresponding dots just like all the other traces.

That shoots down my theory about the paths leading to the multiplier

control circuitry having been etched back, cut, or whatever, before the

core was mounted onto the carrier.

So where does that lead us, other than recommending me for committment

to an appropriate institution? Either, as some of you have proposed,

they gave those circuit inputs a lethal shot of current or there may be

some microcode embedded inside the core which can be programmed to

ignore the input logic levels to the multiplier control circuitry. I

seriously doubt the cores themselves are different, though I'm

certainly not going to trash my remaining unlocked Barton to compare

them. I'm already having enough difficulty dealing with my

self-loathing, not to mention the 70 price tag to satisfy my



2007-02-17 10:02:30
Posted by: Rick - Dallas, TX

Found some internet posts that say the above Athlon CPU is a fraud. Your site has it list as a valid Model 10. Are there some frauds out there and how can you tell? Thanks.

Response: Thanks for the info, it does look like this may be a fake. Please post the question in the forum.


2007-02-28 08:13:04
Posted by: tim d

there a reason way some cpu are brown and green

Reload windows?

2007-03-22 13:14:55
Posted by: sal

i have an MSI MS-6712 motherboard, and want o upgrade the cpu. can i install an Athlon XP 3000+ AXDA3000DKV4D without having to reload windows xp pro?

Response: You don't need to reinstall XP if you only upgrade the CPU. You may still need to re-activate your version of XP.

Mobile amd processors

2007-03-29 15:19:38
Posted by: Patrick Mooney

What is the difference in performance between a mobile and desktop amd athlon xp processor?

Response: There is no difference if both processors have the same features - internal speed, FSB speed and L2 cache size

Motherboard - XP-M support vs. XP support

2007-04-05 14:40:38
Posted by: jonesbasf

I have a Gigabyte GA-7S748. I want to upgrade the processor to a Barton core. Can I buy an XP-M, or should I avoid the Mobile chips.

Response: I don't know if your board supports mobile processors or not. Manufacturers usually don't test desktop boards with mobile CPUs.

ax2000dmt3c color green

2007-04-09 06:51:30
Posted by: rafael centellas

i have this processor and have it a color green, why?

Response: My guess is that AMD switched to different type of plastic for their processors. There shouldn't be difference in performance.

What to Upgrade

2007-04-10 21:42:03
Posted by: shorty

hey...i'm currently using an AMD Athlon XP 1900+...what's the fastest processor i could upgrade to, using same motherboard?

Response: Without knowing your motherboard make and model it's not possible to tell the fastest CPU you can upgrade to

What's the difference in the letters and numbers

2007-04-16 14:05:55
Posted by: Stuart

Hi there - I think I understand the main difference between Athlon XP CPU's, Bus speeds etc. However does it make any differnce if you install for example AXDA2200DKV3C or a AXDA2200DUV3C. I have found both of these for sale on the web. - thanks

Response: It doesn't make any difference in performance. AXDA2200DUV3C runs a bit cooler.

AXDA 2800+

2007-04-28 15:38:44
Posted by: brent

I have an AQZFA 0335TPMW UNLOCKED!! very Rare chip

i uped the muti to 11 with no issuse


2007-05-14 21:35:40
Posted by: SlickWilley

I bought a used PC at a yard sale no less! It was $50.00. It had a cool case and a new DVD R/RW drive so I thought what the heck. Anyway, inside is an Abit NF7-S ver.2 motherboard which I understand is good, 2 x 512MB Corsair XMS ram with silver covers and the CPU says, AXMJ2800FHQ4C which isn't in your list. I was recently told it was meant for a laptop??? Is it OK to be using this? Just curious. Oh, it say in Bios 208MHz FSB x 11.5 multiplier. For $50.00 it runs super well.

Response: Yes, it's ok to run it with this board. I'll add the processor to CPU-World.

New Processor

2007-05-23 13:39:34
Posted by: Tyron

Hi there, Just want to ask, if i have a EP-8KMM3I-X motherboard, would i be able to Upgrade to an AMD Athlon-64 3000+ AM2 Socket 940 64-Bit processor?
AMD Athlon-64 3000+ (1.8 Ghz) socket 939?


Response: No, you cannot use socket 754, 939, 940 or AM2 processors in socket A motherboard.

How Can I Find Out Which Athlon XP 2600+ Is In My PC?

2007-05-28 13:15:08
Posted by: bw

The Asus A7N8X-X CPU Support chart on the website shows that there are 3 models of the Athlon XP 2600+:

2600+ Thoroughbred
Model 8, 266 MHz FSB

2600+ Thoroughbred
Model 8, 333 MHz FSB

2600+ Barton,
Model 10, 333 MHz FSB

I have a PC with an Athlon XP 2600+ installed on an A7N8X-X mobo.

Without removing the heatsink and CPU, is there any way to find out which model Athlon XP 2600+ is in my PC?


Response: Download CPU-Z program and run it. It will tell you FSB and L2 cache size of your CPU. Match them to the numbers above.


2007-05-29 15:55:39
Posted by: Richard RC

I have a ecs kt600-a mobo with 2x 512mb kingston ddr400 and a sempron 2400+ proc. will I get a good amount of speed if I change my proc to an athlon xp 2400+?

Response: You'll get about 10% better performance.

athlon 64

2007-06-23 08:33:06
Posted by: bob

have one of these on an asrock k7s8x board running at 2383mhz with a coolermaster hs+ 80mm fan for 18 m0nths with no probs

upgrading cpu

2007-08-13 11:58:12
Posted by: Joey hassan

hi i have a asus a7v motherboard with 800 mhz cpu. if i want to upgrade my cpu which one should be the fastest one i can put in.

Response: Please post upgrade questions in the forum


2007-08-27 08:10:55
Posted by: Yardi

hi there! at what temperature my AMD Sempron 2400 should not exceed as to cause system freezing and CPU damages.

Response: Temperatures below 60C are safe (should be measured by a temp. sensor under the CPU). If possible keep it at 55C and below.

AMD Athlon XP 2800+ - AXDA2800DKV4D

2007-08-29 07:32:37
Posted by: Barton Thorton

First of all, thank you for providing such an outstanding website; I'm amazed by the depth of information contained here.

Though you show the same Barton CPU I own here:

It is NOT listed on this page:

Is there a reason for this, or is this merely an oversight? My Barton AXDA2800DKV4D XP 2800+ is dated Week 25, 2003 (AQXEA 0325 SPFW). The CPU is rated for 2.083GHz (333 MHz FSB x 12.5), which is identical to the specs you've provided.

I do not have a photo at this time, but if you would like me to provide one, please let me know, and I will post one for you.

Response: It's listed in the first section - processors with pictures, not in "Other Athlon XP processors" section.


2007-10-06 00:48:28
Posted by: Jack

The AXDA3200DKV4E should be included.

Response: It's included in the section where processor pictures are.

Athlon XP1800+ Clocked to within an inch... but at a cost to lifespan

2007-10-21 17:24:56
Posted by: Electric eel

My trusty old XP1800 has been running at 2200Mhz now for approx 3 years ( equivalant to maybe an XP2800 / Xp2900.
Bought from an advertised batch of known good overclockers, it cost originally 45 when a XP3000 would have cost me more than 3 times as much!
Did a Cut-and-Shut job on the laserlocks as my mobo wouldn't give me too many options on overclocking.
just lately it has been starting to run hotter than normal...even with a heatsink compound refresh, and the computer has had quite a few unexplained random resets.
I guess that it is finally starting to give up the ghost...but big-up to AMD for it lasting so long.
I intend to replace it...... but with a similar processor (have to be cut and shut again).
3+ years of extra speed was well worth it.
AMD Rocks!... They just need to tackle the Intel core duo now... gain the lead again, and give me a new overclocking goal!

athlon xp vs. athlon xp-m

2007-10-24 15:54:07
Posted by: steven

I wanted to upgrade my cpu and saw one that stated xp-m? I am new to building pc's and was not sure if I can use this cpu because the one I currently have just states xp on it.

Response: Athlon XP-M may work in some dekstop boards. Don't upgrade to it if you're not sure whether it will work in your board or not.

AMD Athlon XP 3000+ - AXDA3000DKV4D

2007-12-03 18:23:58
Posted by: Image.Ex

I am currently using a "AMD Athlon XP 3000+ - AXDA3000DKV4D" and I was wondering if there is an upgrade that I can purchase without having to get a new motherboard or any other new hardware?

Response: Upgrading to Athlon XP 3200+ is not worth it, even if you MB supports it. You need to upgrade the motherboard and CPU.


2007-12-09 15:52:21
Posted by: SteveB

What is the difference between the Athlon XP and the Athlon MP? Say Athlon XP 2000+ and Athlon MP 2000+. The guts of the chip seem to be similar. Are they interchangeable for most desktop motherboards?

Response: Athlon XP won't work in dual-processor systems. In single-processor systems Athlon MP can be used instead of Athlon XP.

can it?

2007-12-11 20:12:47
Posted by: Joey So Amazing

Can an Athlon XP 2500+ processor run windows XP?

Response: Yes, it can.


2007-12-18 11:35:31
Posted by: Brett

i have a athlon xp 2600+, is there any point in me upgrading to a 3200, will the performance increase be worth it.

thanks brett

Response: It will run up to 20% faster in some applications, but on average you'll see about 10% performance boost

FSB Question

2007-12-20 12:37:51
Posted by: Clint

Wondering if you could shed some light on my problem.
Ive had a Athlon XP 2800 with 333FSB that i believe has gone bad. If I were to get a new chip, would it have to be 333FSB also, or could i get a 400FSB - 3000 for example? Currently i can not get into bios because i cant boot, but would there be a setting to allow this?



Response: Find out what processors are supported by your motherboard. You can get a CPU with 400 MHz FSB if your motherboard supports it.

Mobil Vs. Desktop XP CPU's

2008-01-01 06:17:00
Posted by: Jepieriii

Most desktop boards will run either XP or XP-M CPU's however since mobil XP CPU's use power switching to help conserve battery life which means they lower their operating frenquence during idle time or slow working times so instead of for example a mobil XP 2800 normaly runs at 2.08 during slow periods will step down to maybe 1.50 to save power and then switches back to full power when needed. When this same CPU is used in a desktop the desktop board does not reconize this feature and more often than not locks onto the lower operating frenquency thus not letting the CPU to operate with it's full potential so always know your board and what it will do for your CPU and you won't be wondering "What the heck".


2008-01-17 11:55:11
Posted by: Eric

Wasn't there ever a Barton 3500?

Response: As far as I know Barton 3500 was never produced.


2008-01-19 17:29:22
Posted by: Wizzard1

There is a fishy site claiming a Barton 3400+

And a special-made Sempron 3300+

The Sempron 3300+ is no different than an Athlon XP 3200+.


2008-01-21 00:20:00
Posted by: Blade_master_72

Does anyone know if AMD made an Athlon XP 3200 266MHZ FSB AXDA3200DKV3C? Because there is some women on eBay selling this chip.

Response: AMD never made AXDA3200DKV3C

AMD Athlon XP 2600+

2008-01-21 08:47:51
Posted by: hugo

hi i just get a AMD Athlon XP 2600+ but it was missing a rubber pad. So it still can use ? or how do i replace that missing rubber ? thx


2008-01-24 17:13:12
Posted by: Telcontar

Today I get a CPU of this type: AXDL2600DLV4D. Seems to be a low voltage Barton, with 1.5V Vcore instead of the common 1.65V.



2008-01-27 04:13:34
Posted by: Steve

I currently have a KT600 mobo with an athlon 1800 xp cpu. Can I expect a large jump in performance if I replace the 1800 xp with a 3200 xp?

Response: On average it will be 40% - 50% faster, even faster for some applications.

amd xp2600 and SSE2 requirements Adobe Premiere CS2/3

2008-01-29 18:16:25
Posted by: fred

Hello, I work with a Athlon XP 2600+. Installing adobe premiere cs2, I got a message:
Processor...SSE2, SSE3 required
My processor has not SSE2?
The motherboard is A7N8X-X - Asus socket A - 400/333/266/200 mhz
To get the SSE2, can I update the processor or activat a option?

Response: The are no socket A processors that support SSE2. You will need to replace the motherboard and the processor.

AMD XP 4E Versions

2008-02-06 03:11:03
Posted by: AJ

I am sorting then testing run of XP CPUs and am finding versions that are not listed. so far I have AXDA2500DKV4C, AXDA2600DKV4E,AND AXDA2800KV4E - would these be as coded - the 4E Bartons with 400FSB? and the 3c 266? - will try to post pic's later if interested.

Response: AXDA2500DKV4C was added. AXDA2600DKV4E and AXDA2800DKV4E could be remarked chips. Please post their pictures.

T-bred C-step

2008-02-24 19:31:03
Posted by: Tods

Is Thoroughbred C0 (cpuid 6-8-2) a 'real' CPU, or just a myth, roadmap stuff, maybe eng. sample or smth else?
Have you ever seen it in flesh?

WBR, Tods

Response: I've never seen it.

Athlon XP1800+ Clocked to within an inch... but at a cost to lifespan

2008-02-25 23:02:44
Posted by: ElBee

Electric EEl, when you did the lazer cut and shut, unlocked the multiplier and FSB, you should increase the voltage by at least .1 v or .125 v's and lower your FSB by about 15% or so.... this will aid in your record heatwave and longevity.


2008-03-10 06:04:51
Posted by: trog

WELL!whats this then hmmmm

Response: AXDA3200DKV3C is a fake processor.

AthlonXP 2800+

2008-03-10 11:43:07
Posted by: Doug

Found this on ebay,AthlonXP 2800+ (AXDA2800DKV3C). They state it's 512/333 but your id. page says 256/266? I would like to believe you as it is what I am looking for. It is not in your list so can you shed any more light on this please?
BTW. Fantastic job you're doing, keep up the good work.

AthlonXP 2800+

Response: If the part number is correct then it should be 256/266 processor. It could be remarked processor.


2008-03-13 13:22:38
Posted by: Doug

Got on to the vendor, seems he got the number completely wrong,it's actualy a AXDA2800DKV4E, a very fast chip by all accounts, but no good to me. On my search for a fast 512/266, I found this; AXMA3000FKT4C, do you have any gen on it?



Model AXDA2700BOX

2008-03-18 13:00:04
Posted by: neil

i dont't see AMD Athlon XP 2700+ Thoroughbred 2.167GHz Socket A Processor Model AXDA2700BOX.

Response: It's a part number for boxed AXDA2700DKV3D. I'll add box part numbers later this month.


2008-03-25 18:07:51
Posted by: Splooie

I have a amd Athlon XP 2200+ 1.8ghz 266mhz and thanks to your article i now know that the fastest i can go is AXDC2600DKV3C which is very hard to find. Just gonna wait till i find a good deal or use the parts thanks again.

How about AMD Athlon XP - 4000 ?

2008-03-26 06:08:04
Posted by: ahtesh

I am about to buy Dual-Core Athlon 4000 processor.How is it ?
is it true that AMD processors does not support many application ?

Response: There are no Athlon XP-4000 processors. Do you mean Athlon 64 X2 4000+? AMD CPUs support as many applications as Intel CPUs.

AXDA2600DKV4D Description.

2008-04-14 03:39:19
Posted by: Barney Ski

Hi there, great page by the way, very useful. In the description for the AXDA2600DKV4D, the body of the text quotes the part number as being AXDA2600DKV3D. I think it's a mistake...?

Response: It was supposed to be a description for AXDA2600DKV3D CPU. I'll move the description today. Thank you!


2008-04-17 17:55:38
Posted by: Fjongus

I am trying to upgrade my old AMD rig.

Hvae my eyes on a used 2400 XP
The seller gives this productcode axda2400kv3c which I can't finde here. Is it possible he left out a D so i should be axda2400Dkv3c or is it just not listed here?
Great site!

Response: The seller missed letter "D". It's not rare that people missing it for this and other Athlon XP processors - just search, for ex

Athlon XP 3200+ FSB 266Mhz

2008-05-10 08:40:04
Posted by: beuz29

he's exist !

Ref: AXDA3200DKV3C

Response: It's very likely that the AXDA3200DKV3C is a fake.

amd athlon xp 3000+

2008-05-14 15:46:28
Posted by: bob m

i am running 3000+ now .like to get the 3200+barton .just receide 2 gigs of ocz 3200 memory .would this be benafichil move ?

Response: I don't think it makes sense to upgrade the CPU - you won't notice the difference.

Chip remarking or fakes

2008-05-25 21:50:57
Posted by: anonymous

On Ebay just at the moment there are alot of Athlon XP processor. Little back from buyers on whether their cpu's are working as yet. For instance there are many 2500 with an "E" at the end of the code making them a 400FSB and there was a 3200 supposed to have a 266FSB. I have notice that steppings on some of these cpu's for sale do not exist in your database for the rated CPU. Manufacture dates seem wrong for particular known steppings. I have heard of remarked chips but dont know of the circumstance this can happen? How would you explain the discrepancies to the information I have found at this site.

Chip remarking or fakes

Response: Response text is limited to 256 chars so better post your question in the forum. The pictured CPU is a fake. In fact, all CPUs w

Chip remarking or fakes

2008-05-25 21:56:08
Posted by: anonymous

3200 with 266FSB?????

Chip remarking or fakes

Chip remarking or fakes

2008-05-25 22:14:36
Posted by: anonymous

This looks like a stepping code AQXDA that does not exist for 2800 CPU (AQXCA does)

Chip remarking or fakes

Response: This one may be genuine. Our database of stepping codes is not complete.

athlon xp axda2400kv3c

2009-01-30 00:23:41
Posted by: tony hart

i have an athlon chip with the code AIUGB0244VPAW on it.could you please tell me anything about it?

Response: You missed 'D' in the part number. Your processor is AXDA2400DKV3C

AXDL2600DLV4D Barton 2600+

2009-02-10 23:04:02
Posted by: asiabuynet

I found 2 of these that is not listed in your collection, just wonder if this model is a Low voltage version and also the compatibility, thx! Pat

Response: Yes, it's a low voltage version. I don't know how good is a compatilibilty of this CPU with desktop motherboards.

Low Voltage version for 2200+ AXDL2200DUV3C

2009-03-31 08:55:43
Posted by: Pat

Just thought that u might want to add into your collection, cheers! Pat

Athlon XP AX2400DMT3C

2009-04-03 15:57:13
Posted by: Jerry

I just bought this chip for my kt600 Dragon and was looking for some information about it.
Unfortunately I am unable to match the numbers up anywhere.
The next line of numbers are;


Response: I don't have information on this processor. Please post a picture here or in the forum

Yes there was a Barton 3500+ I thought that was common knowledge.

2009-06-27 18:03:07
Posted by: Brady983

I remember shopping on newegg and pricing it out but it was more then I wanted to spend. I could accomplish the same with a Barton core 2500+ Mobile 266FSB some were 333FSB. 170 dollars difference. With my ABIT nf7-s version 2.0 (not to be confused with the nf7s2 board) board I was able to run it at 3500+ at a 400 FSB no probs because all bartons have the same core. In production even today they take a handful of samples from every batch of processors they produce. and test them. The results and ratings of the samples reflect the batch.

AXDA3200DUV3C not listed here - actual Frequency?

2010-03-09 21:12:27
Posted by: tigercat2002


This is a very good webpage! It helps me a lot!

I found an Athlon XP 3200+ Thoroughbred CPU which is not listed here. FSB should be 266 MHz, L2-Cache 256 kB and voltage 1,6. But what ist the frequency? 2333 MHz? 133 x 17,5 ?

Response: Athlon XP 3200+ with 266 MHz FSB is most likely a fake processor.
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