Intel Mobile Pentium II microprocessor family

Intel Mobile Pentium II is a family of high-performance microprocessors based on P6 microarchitecture. The first two mobile Pentium IIs, clocked at 233 and 266 MHz, were introduced in April 1998. These processors were packaged in mini-cartridge assembly, and, like desktop counterparts, had 512 KB level 2 cache inside of the cartridge. The first two parts were followed by 300 MHz CPU in September, and shortly, in January 1999, all three models were superseded with improved version of the processor. The new microprocessors integrated level 2 cache on a chip, had higher clock speeds and slightly lower Thermal Design Power. Not only these CPUs were manufactured in mini-cartridge package, they were also produced in smaller micro-PGA and BGA packages.

All mobile Pentium II microprocessors were based on 0.25 micron P6 micro-architecture, with the exception of some 400 MHz processors, that were built on 0.18 micron technology. The CPUs included 32 KB L1 cache, and either 256KB on-chip or 512KB off-chip L2 cache. The Pentium IIs utilized 64-bit wide 66 MHz Front Side Bus, and incorporated Floating-Point Unit and MMX instructions. In addition to several low-power states, supported by desktop CPUs, the mobile parts also included Quick Start mode, which reduced power consumption to 0.5 Watt and had very low exit latency of 8 - 10 bus clocks. Other notable differences between the desktop and mobile Pentium II CPUs were the lack of multi-processing support on mobile parts, lower 1.5v - 1.6V core voltage, low-power GTL+ bus, addition of thermal sensor, and changes in implementation of low-power states. Thermal Design Power of mobile microprocessors ranged from about 8 Watt to 13 Watt, depending on clock frequency and L2 cache architecture. The CPUs were manufactured in micro-PGA and BGA packages. They were also shipped in mini-cartridge assembly type of package, and MMC-1/MMC-2 modules.

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Production microprocessors

Intel Mobile Pentium II 233 - 80523TX233512

First mobile Pentium II microprocessors were packaged in Mini-Cartridge Assembly, that housed the CPU, thermal sensor, and 512 KB L2 cache, connected to the CPU via dedicated L2 cache bus. The off-chip L2 cache had several deficiencies. First, it could only cache first 512 KB of system memory. Second, it was running at half of the CPU frequency. Also, the L2 cache required 3.3V extra power source, and it consumed as much as 15% - 25% of CPU core power. Switching to smaller on-die L2 cache allowed Intel to rectify these problems. The 256 KB cache on newer chips had lower power consumption, was running at CPU frequency, and supported up to 4GB of system memory.
Intel Mobile Pentium II 300 - 80523TX300512
300 MHz
512 KB L2 cache
MCA package

Top view

Intel Mobile Pentium II family included one so-called "low-power" microprocessor. Distinctive feature of this part was 1.5V core voltage as opposed 1.6V on standard-voltage CPUs, which helped to reduce its Thermal Design Power from 9.8W to 7.9W. The processor had exactly the same part number as standard-voltage 266PE, and can only identified by its S-Spec number SL3DR.

Intel Mobile Pentium II 300 MMC-1 - PMD30005001AA

2009-03-02 19:02:41
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Intel Mobile Pentium II 300 MMC-1 - PMD30005001AA

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32-bit microprocessor
Technology (micron):
0.18, 0.25
Frequency (MHz):
233 - 400
L2 cache size (KB):
256, 512
TDP (Watt):
7.9 - 13.1