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Intel Xeon is a high-performance version of Intel desktop processors intended for use in servers and high-end workstations. Xeon family spans multiple generations of microprocessor cores and two micro-architecture generations - NetBurst (Pentium 4) and Core. Xeon CPUs have the same features as Pentium 4/D, Core 2 Duo/Quad desktop microprocessors. Additionally, Xeon CPUs can work in dual processor systems. Special version of Xeon CPUs, Xeon MP, can be used in 4-way systems. Also, Xeon CPUs often have larger size of level 2 cache and/or include large level 3 cache.

Intel Xeon CPUs are almost always packaged differently from Pentium 4, Pentium D and Core 2 microprocessors, and, with a few exceptions, can work only in server-class motherboards. First Xeon CPUs were produced in 603-pin package. This package was quickly replaced by 604-pin package that fits socket 604 motherboards. Many modern Xeon processors are also manufactured in 771-land FC-LGA package - these processors require socket 771 motherboards.

For averaged performance of Xeon processors please see Intel Xeon multi-threading and single-threading performance pages.

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List of Xeon families

Intel Xeon 1.4 GHz - 80528KC017G0K / BX80528KL140GA

1.4 GHz
FC-BGA on a 603-pin microPGA interposer

Top view

Picture of: Intel Xeon 1.4 GHz - 80528KC017G0K / BX80528KL140GA

Intel Xeon MP 1.4 GHz - YF80528KC017512 / BX80528KL140GD

1.4 GHz
400 MHz FSB
256 KB L2 cache
512 KB L3 cache

Picture of: Intel Xeon MP 1.4 GHz - YF80528KC017512 / BX80528KL140GD

Intel Xeon 2 GHz - RN80532KC041512 (BX80532KC2000D / BX80532KC2000DU)

2 GHz
FC-BGA on a 603-pin microPGA interposer

Top view

Picture of: Intel Xeon 2 GHz - RN80532KC041512 (BX80532KC2000D / BX80532KC2000DU)

Intel Xeon MP 2 GHz - RN80532KC0411M (BX80532KC2000E)

2 GHz
400 MHz FSB
512 KB L2 cache
1 MB L3 cache

Picture of: Intel Xeon MP 2 GHz - RN80532KC0411M (BX80532KC2000E)

Intel Xeon 3050 - HH80557KH0462M (BX805573050)

2.13 GHz
1066 MHz FSB
2 MB L2

Engineering sample

Picture of: Intel Xeon 3050 - HH80557KH0462M (BX805573050)

E3-1200 series for entry-level workstations and servers was the first Xeon family based on Sandy Bridge microarchitecture. The family consists of dual-core and quad-core CPUs, and comes with such features as HyperThreading, Turbo Boost, VT-x and VT-d virtualization, Trusted Execution technology and Active Management Technology 7.0. All members of this family support SSE4, AES and AVX instructions. Standard-voltage processors from 1200 series have 80W - 95W power envelope, while a couple of low-power models have considerably lower 20W - 45 W TDP. About half of the E3-1200 parts integrate Intel HD 3000 graphics. Other integrated components on these microprocessors are dual-channel DDR3 memory controller, PCI Express 2.0, and Direct Media Interface (DMI) 2.0, that provides twice as much bandwidth as DMI on older Nehalem/Westmere processors.
Xeon E5-2400 v2 series is a new line of server processors for socket B (LGA1356), based on more efficient Ivy Bridge microarchitecture. Manufactured on newer 22nm technology, these products incorporate from 4 to 10 CPU cores, and up to 25 MB of L3 cache. Similar to the first generation, the E5-2400 v2 series supports such instructions set extensions as AES and AVX, and such features as Hyper-Threading, Turbo Boost, and VT-x/VT-d virtualization. On top of that, v2 microprocessors add support for Float 16 (F16C) instructions, APIC virtualization, and a digital random number generator, also called "Secure Key". New security feature on E5-2400 v2 parts is an "Supervisor Mode Execution Protection", or OS guard technology, that prevents some exploits. The CPUs have a Thermal Design Power ranging from 50 Watt to 95 Watt. The E4-2400 v2 chips are backwards compatible with existing LGA1356 motherboards.
The E5-2600 v2 is one of the first two new families, introduced during refresh of Romley platform. As can be guessed from the "v2" suffix, these processors come with all features of E5-2600 series, while delivering quite significant performance improvements. For once, the "v2" microprocessors are built on more modern and more efficient 22nm microarchitecture. They come with more cores, larger size of L3 cache, and/or higher clock speeds. Additionally, their instruction set was expanded with Float 16 (F16C) instructions, that improve image processing performance. The processors support VT-x and VT-d virtualization technology, that now includes APIC virtualization. Security enhancements consists of a digital random number generator, and an OS Guard feature, that eliminates certain kinds of malware exploits. Furthermore, the E5-2600 v2 microprocessors boast up to 30% - 35% lower idle power consumption. Feature-wise, the CPUs have from 4 to 12 cores, up to 30 MB L3 cache, quad-channel DDR3 memory controller and 2 QPI links. The processors support single- and dual-processing, and fit into socket 2011. The E5-2600 v2 series is backwards compatible with the first generation of E5 chips.
Intel Xeon MP 7030 - NE80560KG0722MH (BX80560KG2800F)

2.8 GHz
800 MHz FSB
2 MB L2 cache
Dual-core processor

Picture of: Intel Xeon MP 7030 - NE80560KG0722MH (BX80560KG2800F)

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32, 64-bit microprocessor
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