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  • » 8-bit microprocessor
  • » Up to 33 MHz
  • » 64 KB RAM
  • » Single voltage
  • » 256 I/O ports
  • » 8080 compatibility mode
40-pin DIP
44-pin PLCC
44-pin PQFP
  • » Up to 4 MHz
  • » Up to 8 MHz
  • » Single voltage
  • » On-chip peripherals
  • » 8 / 16 bit CPU
  • » Up to 16 MB RAM
  • » 256 byte L1 cache
  • » User / system modes
  • » Z80 object-code compatible
  • » Never released
  • » 16-bit CPU
  • » Up to 8 MB RAM
  • » Normal / system modes
  • » Multiprocessing
  • » Virtual memory
Zilog Z80 microprocessor is an 8-bit CPU object-code compatible with Intel 8080 CPU. The Z80 includes full set of 8080 registers and instructions, and supports 8080 interrupts. In addition to that, the Z80 has many enhancements:
  • 80 new instructions, including block transfer, bit and string manipulation instructions.
  • 2 new index registers and a duplicate set of general-purpose and status registers.
  • New types of interrupts for Z80 and non-Z80 peripheral devices.
  • Single +5V voltage.

The Zilog Z80 microprocessor was second sourced by many companies. Clones of this processor were manufactured in East Germany, Romania and Soviet Union.

Radio Shack TRS-80 Models 1 - 4, Sinclair ZX81, Commodore 128D (also had 6502 CPU), Franklin Ace 1200 (also had 6502 CPU), Osborne 1, KayPro I, KayPro II, etc.
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List of Z80 manufacturers


2.5 MHz
Extended temperature range
40-pin plastic DIP

East German clone of Zilog Z80 CPU

Picture of: DDR VB880D

Goldstar Z8400A PS

4 MHz
40-pin plastic DIP

Picture of: Goldstar Z8400A PS

Kawasaki KL5C8400C

44-pin QFP

Picture of: Kawasaki KL5C8400C

Mostek MK3880P

2.5 MHz
40-pin side-brazed ceramic DIP
Purple ceramic/gold top/gold pins

Picture of: Mostek MK3880P

NEC D780C-1

4 MHz
40-pin plastic DIP

Picture of: NEC D780C-1


4 MHz
40-pin plastic DIP

Picture of: ROHM BU18400A-PS

SGS Z8400BC1

6 MHz
44-pin plastic LCC

Picture of: SGS Z8400BC1


4 MHz
40-pin side-brazed ceramic DIP
White ceramic with gray traces/black top/gold pins

Picture of: SGS-Ates Z80ACPUD1

Sharp LH0080

SHARP Corporation manufactured Z80 microprocessors using NMOS and CMOS technology processes. NMOS processors had part number LH0080, ran at frequencies up to 8 MHz, and we fully pin- and object code compatible with Zilog Z80. SHARP CMOS microprocessors used LH5080 part number. These processors were produced at 2.5 and 4 MHz, and offered an order of magnitude lower power consumption than LH0080 NMOS CPUs. Some CMOS parts had power-save function enabled.

Picture of: Sharp LH0080

SGS-Thomson Z84C00AB6

4 MHz
40-pin plastic DIP
Extended temperature range -55 - +125°C

Picture of: SGS-Thomson Z84C00AB6

Toshiba TMPZ84C00AP-8

8 MHz
40-pin plastic DIP

Picture of: Toshiba TMPZ84C00AP-8


40-pin ceramic DIP

Soviet clone of Z80 processor

Picture of: USSR T34VM1

Zilog Z80 CPU

2.5 MHz
40-pin ceramic DIP

Very rare version of the Zilog Z80 processor in white ceramic package. Z80 microprocessors were released in July 1976 (May 1976 according to Federico Faggin's www.intel4004.com website). Production date of the chip on the picture is 23th week of 1976 (end of May or beginning of June) - one month before the CPU family was officially released or a few weeks after that (if the May 1976 introduction date is correct).

Picture of: Zilog Z80 CPU

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