Intel Clarksfield core

The first three processor with Clarksfield core, Core I7-720QM, i7-820QM and i7-920XM, were introduced in September 2009, or two weeks after the launch of very similar desktop Lynnfield core. The core is based on Nehalem micro-architecture, and is manufactured using 45nm technology. Standard features of this core are 4 CPU cores with 1 MB L2 cache, up to 8 MB level 3 cache, and full set of technologies provided by original Nehalem micro-architecture. Clarksfield microprocessors are manufactured in micro-PGA package, compatible with socket G1 motherboards.

New core features:

  • First mobile core built on Nehalem micro-architecture
  • Direct Media Interface with 2.5 GT/s data rate
  • Integrated graphics controller
  • New socket (socket G1)

Intel microprocessors with Clarksfield core can be identified by:

  • Part number: OEM part numbers start with "BY80607".
    An example: BY80607002526AE.
  • CPU ID: CPU identification number for all production CPUs with Clarksfield core is 106E5. This CPUID was also used by Lynnfield-based processors.

Details of all families, utilizing Intel Clarksfield core, are provided in the table below:

 Core i7 MobileCore i7 Mobile Extreme Edition
Manufacturing technology0.045 micron
Frequency (MHz)1600 - 18672000 - 2133
Fastest processorCore i7-840QMCore i7-940XM
L2 cache size1024 KB
L3 cache size6 MB
8 MB
8 MB
Thermal Design Power (Watt)4555
Package988-pin micro-FCPGA8 (rPGA988A)
SocketSocket G1 / rPGA988A

Last modified: 10 Mar 2014
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