Intel Sandy Bridge core

Sandy Bridge core was introduced on January 9, 2011, when Intel launched first desktop and mobile Core i5 and core i7 CPUs, based on Sandy Bridge microarchitecture. All processors with this core are manufactured on 32nm technology, and incorporate 2 or 4 cores, with 64KB L1 and 256 KB L2 cache per each core, and with up to 8 MB shared L3 cache. Many Sandy Bridge models support Advanced Vector Extensions instructions, as well as all features, available in previous generations of Nehalem/Westmere microprocessors. Desktop Sandy Bridge parts are produced in LGA1155 package, compatible with socket 1155, and mobile processors are packaged in PGA988 micro-PGA (socket G2), or BGA1023 and BGA1224 packages.

New core features:

  • CPU cores, graphics and memory controllers are on a single die.
  • New Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) 256-bit SIMD instructions.
  • Direct Media Interface 2.0 with twice higher 5 GT/s data rate.
  • Support for Active Management Technology 7.0.
  • Turbo Boost 2.0.
  • Improved HD 3000 or HD 2000 graphics controller with enhanced performance and new features.

Intel processors with Sandy Bridge core can be identified by:

  • OEM part number: part numbers of desktop dual-cores start from "CM80623", and mobile CPUs start from "AV80627" or "FF80627".
    An example: AV8062700834912, CM8062301002115.
  • Box part number: part numbers of desktop models start from "BX80623" or "BXC80623", and mobile CPUs start from "BX80627".
    An example: BXC80623I32100T, BX80627I52520M.

Below is a list of all Sandy Bridge microprocessor families.

Desktop and Server processors

 Celeron Dual-CoreCore i3Core i5Core i7Pentium Dual-CoreXeon
Manufacturing technology0.032 micron
Cores1, 222, 4422, 4
Frequency (MHz)1600 - 27002500 - 34002300 - 34002800 - 35001200 - 31002200 - 3600
Fastest processorCeleron G555Core i3-2130Core i5-2550KCore i7-2700KPentium G870Xeon E3-1290
L2 cache size256 KB
512 KB
512 KB512 KB
1024 KB
1024 KB512 KB512 KB
1024 KB
L3 cache size1 MB
1.5 MB
2 MB
3 MB3 MB
6 MB
8 MB3 MB3 MB
6 MB
8 MB
Thermal Design Power (Watt)35 - 6535 - 9565 - 9515 - 6520 - 95
Package1155-land Flip-Chip Land Grid Array1155-land Flip-Chip Land Grid Array (FCLGA 1155)
SocketSocket 1155 / H2 / LGA1155

Mobile processors

 Core i3 MobileCore i5 MobileCore i7 MobileCore i7 Mobile Extreme EditionMobile Celeron Dual-CorePentium Dual-Core Mobile
Manufacturing technology0.032 micron
Cores22, 441, 22
Frequency (MHz)1300 - 24001400 - 26001500 - 28002500 - 27001000 - 19001200 - 2400
Fastest processorCore i3-2370M (BGA1023)
Core i3-2370M (Socket G2)
Core i5-2540M (BGA1023)
Core i5-2540M (Socket G2)
Core i7-2640M (BGA1023)
Core i7-2640M (Socket G2)
Core i7-2960XMCeleron B840Pentium B980
L2 cache size512 KB512 KB
1024 KB
1024 KB256 KB
512 KB
512 KB
L3 cache size3 MB4 MB
6 MB
8 MB
8 MB1 MB
1.5 MB
2 MB
2 MB
Thermal Design Power (Watt)17 - 3517 - 455510 - 3517 - 35
Package1023-ball micro-BGA (BGA1023)
988-pin micro-FCPGA10 (rPGA988B)
1023-ball micro-BGA (BGA1023)
1224-ball micro-BGA (BGA1224)
988-pin micro-PGA (rPGA988B)
988-pin micro-PGA (rPGA988B)1023-ball FC-BGA
988-pin micro-FCPGA10 (rPGA988B)
1023-ball micro-BGA (BGA1023)
988-pin micro-FCPGA10 (rPGA988B)
Socket G2 / rPGA988B
Socket G2 / rPGA988B
Socket G2 / rPGA988BBGA1023
Socket G2 / rPGA988B

Last modified: 10 Mar 2014
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