AMD Athlon Thoroughbred core

Identification of microprocessors with Thoroughbred core:

  • By part number: part numbers start with one of the prefixes: "AMSN", "AXDA", "AXLD", "AXM" or "SDA" and end with "3B", "3C" or "3D".
    An example: AXMS1400GWS3B
  • By CPU ID: First two digits of CPU identification number are "68".
To improve processor scalability AMD redesigned the Thoroughbred core. To distinguish between the original and redesigned core the cores are often called Thoroughbred A and Thoroughbred B. The differences between these two revisions of the core are:
Thoroughbred AThoroughbred B
DescriptionOriginal die shrink of Palomino coreRedesigned Thoroughbred core
Die size80 mm284 mm2
Stepping1Ends with 'A'Ends with 'B'
Athlon XP core voltageUsually 1.65 VUsually 1.6V

1 - Core stepping is displayed below the part number:

<part number>
<core stepping> <datecode><batch code>

Athlon Thoroughbred core features

IntroductionApril 17, 2002
New features0.13 micron manufacturing process
Lower power consumption
Increased bus speed to 333 MHz (166 Mhz DDR)
Other namesT-bred
Model 8
Previous generationPalomino
Previous generationBarton, Thorton

Desktop and Server processors

 Athlon MPAthlon XPSempron
Manufacturing technology0.13 micron
Frequency (MHz)1667 - 21331333 - 22501500 - 2000
Fastest processorAthlon MP 2600+Athlon XP 2800+Sempron 2800+
Bus frequency266 MHz266 MHz
333 MHz
333 MHz
L2 cache size256 KB
Package453-pin PGA
SocketSocket 462 / A

Mobile and Embedded processors

 Athlon XP-MGeode NX
Manufacturing technology0.13 micron
Frequency (MHz)1000 - 2133667 - 1800
Fastest processorAthlon XP-M 2600+Geode NX 2001
Bus frequency200 MHz
266 MHz
266 MHz
L2 cache size256 KB
Thermal Design Power (Watt) 9 - 25
Package453-pin PGA
563-pin microPGA
453-pin Organic PGA
SocketSocket 462 / A
Socket 563 / PGA563
Socket 462 / A

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