AMD Trinity core

Trinity core was launched in May 2012. The first "Trinity" Accelerated Processing units were dual- and quad-core mobile products, branded as A-Series for notebooks. They were quickly followed by embedded R-Series APUs. Workstation-class FirePro series was introduced in August, and retail desktop "Trinity" were officially available only in October.

Both Trinity, and its predecessor Llano core, has been built on the 32nm manufacturing process. Internally the "Trinity" core integrated one or two Piledriver modules (2 or 4 CPU cores), and Radeon HD 7000 series graphics. Compared to Llano, Trinity APUs offered quite a few new features:

  • Piledriver (enhanced Bulldozer) microarchitecture
  • Modular design, where each pair of cores is organized as a single module with some shared components, including instruction decoder, L1 instruction cache and L2 cache. When the CPU cores execute 256-bit AVX code, they also share floating-point unit.
  • Support for SSE4, AES, AVX, FMA/FMA4, XOP and F16C instructions.
  • Significantly higher operating frequencies
  • Integrated HD 7000 series Graphics Processing Unit
  • New socket FM2 compatible package

AMD CPUs with Trinity core can be identified by:

  • Part number: part number starts with "AD", "AM", "AW" or "RE" and ends with "HJ" for OEM/tray processors, or "HJBOX" for boxed processors.
    An example: AD560KWOA44HJ.
  • CPU ID: All Trinity microprocessors had CPUID 610F01.

A list of all Trinity-based AMD families is provided below.

Desktop processors

 A4-SeriesA6-SeriesA8-SeriesA10-SeriesAthlon X2Athlon X4FirePro
Manufacturing technology0.032 micron
Core stepping(s)TN-A1
Frequency (MHz)340036003200 - 36003400 - 380032003200 - 34003400 - 3800
Fastest processorA4-5300
Athlon X2 340Athlon X4 750KFirePro A320
L2 cache size1024 KB4096 KB1024 KB4096 KB
L3 cache sizeNone
Thermal Design Power (Watt)6565 - 1006565 - 100
Package904-pin lidded micro Pin Grid Array (UOF904)
SocketSocket FM2

Mobile and Embedded processors

 A4-Series for NotebooksA6-Series for NotebooksA8-Series for NotebooksA10-Series for NotebooksR-Series
Manufacturing technology0.032 micron
Core stepping(s)TN-A1
Cores242, 4
Frequency (MHz)1900 - 25002100 - 27001600 - 19002000 - 23001600 - 2700
Fastest processorA4-4300MA6-4400MA8-4500M (Socket FS1 (FS1r2))
A8-4557M (BGA827 (FP2))
A10-4600M (Socket FS1 (FS1r2))
A10-4657M (BGA827 (FP2))
R-Series R-272F
L2 cache size1024 KB1024 KB
2048 KB
4096 KB1024 KB
2048 KB
4096 KB
L3 cache sizeNone
Thermal Design Power (Watt)17 - 3519 - 3525 - 3517 - 35
Package722-pin lidless micro Pin Grid Array (UOL722)
827-ball micro-BGA
SocketBGA827 (FP2)
Socket FS1 (FS1r2)

Last modified: 30 Jun 2014
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