Identify CPU features (beta)

CWID is a small program that retrieves information from your CPU (and CPU only), submits it to our system and then opens a page on our site that displays information about your processor. The whole process is as easy and simple as downloading and running CWID.exe (60 KB EXE file) or (27 KB ZIP file), and then viewing results in your browser.

Details of identification process

The CWID program executes a series of cpuid instructions to retrieve information from the CPU, and then submits retrieved information to our server where it's recorded in a database. The server returns back two numbers, submission id and validation code, that will allow you not only to view the results, but also update or delete them. After submission, the CWID program opens CPU identification page from in a default browser. The page displays processor name, core stepping, the size of L2 and L3 caches, and which features are present in the CPU. At this time you will be able either to provide additional information about your microprocessor, or delete submitted data. Deleted submission are not deleted immediately - it may take up to a week before data is physically removed from the database.

Processing cpuid information on our server has a few benefits. First and foremost, it allows us to keep identification code up to date without additional efforts on your side (downloading and installing of new version of the program). Second, it allows you to easily share identification information with other people by referencing identification page. And, at last, it helps us to build a database with CPU identification data, which eventually be used to update site's pages, and, possibly, improve identification page itself.

Important: only cpuid information is sent to our server. No other data from you system is sent to the server!

The latest version of CWID

CWID.exe - version 0.5, 61440 bytes (60 KB), MD5 checksum 7a0e0ff93082d8f31caac1465551b22b - version 0.5, zipped, 28021 bytes (27.4 KB), MD5 checksum 10e28d46374f8b1892019aec315414cc

Changes from version 0.4

  • The program retrieves cache topology for Bulldozer / Piledriver processors, which allows better reporting on the server side.
  • Fixed a crash, when running on FX- and A-Series Piledriver CPUs.

Changes from version 0.3

  • This version contains several bug fixes, and no new functionality.

Changes from version 0.2

  • The program no longer crashes when a processor doesn't support CPUID instruction.
  • The program no longer crashes for some processors that don't have extended CPUID information.
  • CPUID instruction is now automatically enabled on Cyrix 5x86, 6x86 and 6x86L CPUs.
  • The program now determines actual processor's frequency and submits it to the site.
  • Submitted information is now validated on server side.

Changes from version 0.1

  • Version 0.2 correctly reports the number of CPU cores.
Last modified: 30 Dec 2012
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