Level 1 cache (L1 cache)

Level 1 cache, often called primary cache, is a static memory integrated with processor core that is used to store information recently accessed by a processor. Level 1 cache is often abbreviated as L1 cache. The purpose of level 1 cache is to improve data access speed in cases when the CPU accesses the same data multiple times. For this reason access time of level 1 cache is always faster than access time of system memory. The processor may have additional level 2 and level 3 caches, albeit those caches are always slower then the L1 cache.

In modern microprocessors primary cache is split into two caches of equal size - one is used to store program data, and another is used to store microprocessor instructions. Some old microprocessors utilized "unified" primary cache, which was used to store both data and instructions in the same cache.

Last modified: 15 Oct 2013
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