Socket 1156 / Socket H1 / Socket LGA1156

Socket 1156, or LGA1156, also known as socket H1, is a Land Grid Array socket used by the first generation of workstation-class Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, as well as Xeon 300 series microprocessors. The socket supports dual-channel DDR3 SDRAM memory controller, Direct Media Interface running at 2.5 GT/s, and PCI Express interface. The socket H1 works with processors with frequencies from 1.86 GHz to 3.46 GHz.

LGA1156 socket - top viewLGA1156 socket - view with CPULGA1156 socket - side view

The size of LGA1156 socket with Independent Loading Mechanism (ILM) is 3.08" x 2.01" (7.825 cm x 5.1 cm). The socket has 1156 contacts arranged as a grid 40 x 40 contacts with 24 x 16 section de-populated in the center, and with 60 land contacts removed mostly from the socket corners and socket edges. Socket LGA1156 has smaller distance between contact pads than the socket 775, which allows the socket 1156 to have 50% more contacts without increasing the size of the package.

Supported processors

CPU FamilyFrequencyThe fastest CPU(s)
Celeron Dual-Core2.27 GHzCeleron G1101
Core i32.93 GHz - 3.33 GHzCore i3-560
Core i52.4 GHz - 3.6 GHzCore i5-680 (2 cores)
Core i5-760 (4 cores)
Core i72.53 GHz - 3.06 GHzCore i7-880
Pentium Dual-Core2.8 GHz - 2.93 GHzPentium G6960
Xeon 3400 series1.86 GHz - 3.06 GHzXeon X3480

There are no CPUs from other manufacturers compatible with socket 1156.

Compatible package types

1156-land Flip-Chip Land Grid Array package.

Upgrading socket 1156 motherboards

To determine the fastest supported processor for socket 1156 motherboard you'll need to:

  • Determine manufacturer and model of the motherboard,
  • Search on manufacturer's website for the motherboard model.

For upgrade information for ABIT, ASrock, ASUS, Biostar, DFI, ECS, Gigabyte Technology, Intel, Jetway, MSI, PC Chips, Shuttle and Tyan motherboards please check CPU-Upgrade motherboard database.

Processor Installation

For processor installation instructions please check your motherboard manual, or go to this page on Intel website, or view Installation instructions for boxed processors.


Last modified: 10 Mar 2014
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