Socket 754

Socket 754 was introduced in September 2003, or 5 months after socket 940, as a socket for workstation-class desktop and mobile microprocessors. In the middle of 2004 the Athlon 64 line of microprocessors was switched to Socket 939, which had dual-channel memory controller and faster HyperTransport link. After that the socket 754 was primarily used for Sempron processors and mobile CPUs. Eventually the socket 754 was replaced with socket 939 and socket AM2 for all desktop microprocessors, and replaced with socket S1 for all mobile microprocessors.

The socket 754 works with desktop processors with frequencies up to 3700+ or 2.4 GHz, and with mobile processors with frequencies up to 4000+ or 2.6 GHz. The socket supports single-channel DDR SDRAM memory controller and one 800 MHz HyperTransport link.

Picture of Socket 754

The socket has 754 pin holes, hence the name "Socket 754". The pin holes are arranged as 29 x 29 grid, with 9 x 9 section removed from the center of the grid, and 6 corner pin holes plugged. Socket dimensions are 4.65 cm (4.16 cm without lever) x 5.48 cm or 1.83" (1.64" without lever) x 2.16".

Supported processors

All processors in the table below will physically fit into the socket, but not all of them are supported by all motherboards. If you're upgrading an old computer system please make sure that the CPU is compatible with your motherboard. Please see "Upgrading socket 754 motherboards" section below for information on how to determine what microprocessors can be supported by your motherboard.

CPU FamilyFrequencyThe fastest CPU(s)
Athlon 641800 MHz - 2400 MHz
2800+ - 3700+
Mobile Athlon 641600 MHz - 2600 MHz
2700+ - 4000+
Turion 64 Mobile technology1600 MHz - 2400 MHz
ML-28 - ML-44, MT-28 - MT-40
Sempron / Sempron 641400 MHz - 2000 MHz
2500+ - 3400+
Mobile Sempron1600 MHz - 2200 MHz
2600+ - 3600+
K8 Athlon XP-M1600 MHz
2800+ - 3000+

There are no Intel or VIA processors compatible with this socket.

The fastest socket 754 processor in the table above is a Mobile Athlon 64 4000+ AMN4000BKX5BU. The next four fastest processors after the 4000+ are:

Athlon 64 3700+ ADA3700AEP5AR (desktop)
Mobile Athlon 64 3700+ AMA3700BEX5AR
Mobile Athlon 64 3700+ AMN3700BKX5BU
Turion ML-44 TMDML44BKX5LD (mobile)

"Upgrading socket 754 motherboards" section below explains how to determine which of these processors, or other processors from the table above can be compatible with your motherboard.

Compatible sockets


Compatible package types

754-pin lidded microPGA
754-pin lidless organic micro-PGA

Upgrading socket 754 motherboards

Use the steps below to find out the fastest CPU for your computer:

  • For branded systems like Dell or HP, search on manufacturer's website for "<brand> <model> CPU upgrade" or "<brand> <model> processor upgrade" (without quotes). For example, if you have HP Pavilion a450e then search for:

    HP Pavilion a450e CPU upgrade. If you can't find any information on processor upgrade then search for the same string on the internet.

  • If you can't find upgrade information for your branded computer, or if you have a generic or a custom built computer, then locate make and model of your motherboard and search for it. CPU support list for retail motherboards is usually available on manufacturer's websites, and may be available on CPU support information for OEM motherboards, i.e. motherboards used in branded computers, is usually not provided by OEM manufacturers, so be prepared to read numerous forum threads to find out what processors other people used in this motherboard.
  • If you can't find CPU upgrade information for your system and motherboard then you can try to e-mail your system or motherboard manufacturer and ask them for a list of compatible processors. Be aware that OEM manufacturers will likely to respond, but unlikely to provide any useful upgrade information.
  • If you still can't find a list of compatible CPUs for your socket 754 motherboard, then your only option is to guess what processors may be compatible with it. Proceed further only if you're willing to take a risk, because the processor you will buy may not work in your board. There are two ways to guess compatible CPUs - using motherboard chipset name, and using characteristics of your currently installed processor.
  • To find out which processors may work with your chipset, run CPU-Z or similar program and look for motherboard chipset name, and then search for the chipset name on the internet. You may not always find a list of CPUs compatible with the chipset, but you will probably find what processors are supported by other motherboards with the same chipset. This should give you an idea of what to upgrade to.
  • If you still haven't determined a list of compatible processors for your socket 754 board, and you have a desktop system then the fastest processor is likely an AMD Athlon 64 3700+ with OEM part number ADA3700AEP5AR or box number ADA3700BOX. Do not buy Athlon 64 3700+ with part number ADA3700AEP5AP - this is likely a fake processor! If you have a mobile processor then use simple rules below to determine the fastest CPU that your system may support. The first column should match core name of your current processor, and the second column shows the fastest compatible processor:

    CPU CoreFastest CPU
    AlbanyMobile Athlon 64 4000+ AMN4000BKX5BU
    ClawHammerMobile Athlon 64 3700+ AMU3700BEX5AR
    DublinMobile Sempron 3000+ SMN3000BIX2AY
    Mobile Athlon 64 3700+ AMU3700BEX5AR (TDP is out of spec)
    GeorgetownMobile Sempron 3400+ SMS3400BQX3LF
    Mobile Athlon 64 3700+ AMU3700BEX5AR (TDP is out of spec)
    LancasterTurion 64 ML-44 TMDML44BKX5LD
    NewarkMobile Athlon 64 4000+ AMN4000BKX5BU
    OakvilleMobile Athlon 64 3000+ AMD3000BKX4LB
    OdessaMobile Athlon 64 3000+ AMD3000BQX4AX
    RomaMobile Sempron 3400+ SMS3400BQX3LF
    SonoraMobile Sempron 3400+ SMS3400BQX3LF

    Please note that while these rules are valid in many cases, they do not guarantee that your socket 754 motherboard will support the recommended processors. Part numbers marked with (TDP is out of spec) may run too hot, and a fan/heatsink in your laptop may not be able to handle the heat during pro-longed heavy CPU usage. Upgrade at your own risk!

For upgrade information for ASUS, DFI, ECS, Gigabyte Technology, Intek, Jetway, MSI and a few other motherboard brands of motherboards please check CPU-Upgrade motherboard database.


Recommended Suggestion

2012-06-17 16:30:34
Posted by: Phil Smith

An excellent article, explained all the details I needed to find on choosing my new CPU thanks.

I am now using an AMD 64 3200+ running at 2.21GHz, on a K8N-E mainboard, and using 2 x 512Mb of CORSAIR ValueRAM running at the standard 200MHz.

Adding that specific CORSAIR RAM (model No. VS512MB400C3) has made this computer run far far faster than ever before, even when it had 3 x 1Gb fitted. It now performs near instantly on most tasks.

Just wanted to mention that in case anybody else is after useful details.

Thank you very much.

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