Socket G2 / Socket rPGA988B

Socket G2, also called rPGA988B, was introduced in January 2011 as a socket for the second-generation Core microprocessors. Initially used for dual- and quad-core Core-branded CPUs, the rPGA988B was later utilized for mobile Celeron and Pentium processors. Currently (February 2014), the socket works with single-, dual- and quad-core mobile, operating at frequencies up to 3 GHz chips, and having Thermal Design Power in the 35 Watt - 55 Watt range. The socket supports dual-channel DDR3 memory with data rates 1066 MHz for budget chips, 1333 MHz for mid-class models and 1600 MHz for high-performance CPUs. It also supports Direct Media Interface, that provides twice as much bandwidth as DMI on previous generation of Intel Nehalem and Westmere mobile processors. At this time the socket is obsolete, and it was replaced with socket G3, which is incompatible with the rPGA988B.

The socket G2 has 988 pin holes, arranged as 35 x 36 grid, with two plugged pin holes at one of the corners of the grid, and with 18 x 15 section removed from the center of the grid. The socket uses an actuator to lock or release the processor. To lock the CPU the actuator must be turned clockwise, and to release the chip the actuator needs to be turned counter clockwise.

Sockets G1 and G2 have the same number of pin holes, but they are not compatible with each other due to different position of one pin hole.

Supported processors

Although all microprocessors from the table below physically fit into the socket, not all of them may be supported by your motherboard. For that reason before upgrading to any model from this list below, please make sure that the CPU is compatible with the motherboard. See "Upgrading socket G2 motherboards" section further below for tips on how to determine which processors are supported by specific motherboard.

ModelBox part numbersTechnology
L2 cache
L3 cache
Core i3-2312M 0.03222100 512307235
Core i3-2308M 0.03222100 512307235
Core i3-2310M 0.03222100 512307235
Core i3-2332M 0.03222200 512307235
Core i3-2330E 0.03222200 512307235
Core i3-2328M 0.03222200 512307235
Core i3-2330M 0.03222200 512307235
Core i3-2350M 0.03222300 512307235
Core i3-2348M 0.03222300 512307235
Core i3-3110M 0.02222400 512307235
Core i3-3120ME 0.02222400 512307235
Core i3-2370M 0.03222400 512307235
Core i3-3120M 0.02222500 512307235
Core i3-3130M 0.02222600 512307235
Core i5-2410M 0.032223002900512307235
Core i5-2430M 0.032224003000512307235
Core i5-2450M 0.032225003100512307235
Core i5-3210M 0.022225003100512307235
Core i5-2520M
Core i5-2510E 0.032225003100512307235
Core i5-3320M
Core i5-3230M 0.022226003200512307235
Core i5-2540M
Core i5-3610ME 0.022227003300512307235
Core i5-3340M
Core i5-3360M
Core i5-3380M
Core i7-2630QM 0.0324200029001024614445
Core i7-3612QM 0.0224210031001024614435
Core i7-2710QE 0.0324210030001024614445
Core i7-3632QM 0.0224220032001024614435
Core i7-2720QM
Core i7-2670QM 0.0324220031001024614445
Core i7-2820QM
Core i7-3610QE 0.0224230033001024614445
Core i7-3610QM 0.0224230033001024614445
Core i7-2760QM
Core i7-3630QM 0.0224240034001024614445
Core i7-2860QM
Core i7-3720QM
Core i7-3820QM
Core i7-3740QM
Core i7-2620M 0.032227003400512409635
Core i7-2640M 0.032228003500512409635
Core i7-3840QM
Core i7-3520M 0.022229003600512409635
Core i7-3540M 0.022230003700512409635
Core i7-2920XM 0.0324250035001024819255
Core i7-2960XM 0.0324270037001024819255
Core i7-3920XM 0.0224290038001024819255
Core i7-3940XM 0.0224300039001024819255
Celeron B800 0.03221500 512204835
Celeron B815 0.03221600 512204835
Celeron B810 0.03221600 512204835
Celeron B710 0.03211600 256153635
Celeron B720 0.03211700 256204835
Celeron B820 0.03221700 512204835
Celeron B830 0.03221800 512204835
Celeron B730 0.03211800 256153635
Celeron 1000M 0.02221800 512204835
Celeron B840 0.03221900 512204835
Celeron 1005M 0.02221900 512204835
Celeron 1020M 0.02222100 512204835
Celeron 1020E 0.02222200 512204835
Pentium B940 0.03222000 512204835
Pentium B950 0.03222100 512204835
Pentium B960 0.03222200 512204835
Pentium B970 0.03222300 512204835
Pentium B980 0.03222400 512204835
Pentium 2020M 0.02222400 512204835
Pentium 2030M 0.02222500 512204835

There are no CPUs from other manufacturers compatible with socket G2.

Compatible sockets

Socket 989 / rPGA989 (for motherboards supporting second-generation Core microprocessors, mobile Celerons and Pentiums, based on Sandy Bridge microarchitecture).

Compatible package types

988-pin micro-FCPGA10

Upgrading rPGA988B motherboards

To determine which processors are supported by your laptop or computer you will need to find out make and model of your system, and then search on manufacturer's website for upgrade recommendations for that make and model. Most manufacturers don't publish CPU support information for notebooks and OEM systems, but you may be able to find upgrade recommendations in product support forums on manufacturer website, or in forums on dedicated computer hardware sites. In addition to that, try to send an e-mail to manufacturer's customer support, or post in computer-related forums, although don't expect that you will get many responses. If this doesn't work then use CPU-Z or similar program to determine chipset type in your notebook, and look for CPU upgrade information for the chipset. CPU support data for Intel chipsets can be found on in Intel chipsets section, or on Intel website. Be careful with this method as it's is less reliable.



2013-07-17 22:26:41
Posted by: Jose Gonzales

In addition to all the hardware compatibilities, the specific BIOS revision level also needs to support the target CPU. I know of one case where a 6 core CPU was supported in version 5.x but not in version 6.x. go figure

Good luck

Processors Compatibility

2013-07-21 22:03:50
Posted by: lukas

I would like to know something look: I have a socket (rPGA988B) and I have installed an intel celeron dual core second generation (G2) and will be installing an i5-2520m (which is also second generation) want to later install a third generation one (i7-3610QM) third generation that also uses the same socket the (rPGA988B)

my question is how I can put a third generation intel one second with the same sockets? I mean they both use the same socket I want to know if they are compatible in this product also come in the same list but please debuelveme want to make sure the message with a clear answer. my gmail :

Processors Compatibility

Response: Officially, Intel does not support third generation processors on 6-series chipset. Some embedded i7-3xxx CPUs can work with older chipsets, but it's not clear if they will work in laptops, built before the processors were released, or not.


2014-06-14 08:57:50
Posted by: in reply to lukas

Ivy bridge works with different chipset. It will not work with HM65 (Sandy bridge) chipset

Last modified: 2 Jul 2014
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