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CPU-World.com website started as a side project to show off pictures of Gennadiy's CPU collection. Initially the pictures had a short note attached describing the frequency, package and the number of pins, but eventually more detailed chip specifications were added to the site, and the site was expanded with chip (primarily CPU) related information - identification, sockets, pinouts, S-Spec numbers, etc. After more than 8 years after the website was launched, we feature more than 7500+ CPU / FPU / MCU pages, 5000+ S-Spec numbers with about 1800 S-Spec numbers for engineerings / qualifications samples, more than 400 AMD stepping codes, and wealth of other data. Recently we added CPU comparison pages, and also started to cover CPU industry news. All of that wouldn't be possible without help of numerous contributors, who submitted insightful comments, CPU pictures, CPUID data, news stories, ran benchmarks, and provided suggestions and corrections. People, who contributed most to the site, are listed in the "Thanks to" section below.

Previous "About CPU-World.com" updates

Over the course of last 8 years, we did a few "About CPU-World" page updates. These are provided below for historical purposes.

I started collecting microprocessors in February 2002. At the time I wanted to get a few Intel x86 processors just to hang them on the wall, and I bought a few processors from eBay. Then I bought more... And then some... When the collection got relatively big I decided to create a website with pictures of all of the chips I have. Looking just at the pictures is not a lot of fun, so I started adding descriptions to the chips. Now my collection is pretty big, and in my opinion the website has some useful information not only for chip collectors. I will be adding more information to the website in the near future - new microprocessor/microcontroller families, processor pinouts, support chip listings and pictures, "odd looking chips" page, and more.

Update (Sep 2004): Lot of time passed since I wrote the previous paragraph. The site now has more CPU/MCU families, pinouts pages, support chips, benchmarks, odd looking chips page, and even a small database of Intel processors specification numbers. I will continue to expand all these areas of the site, and I'm planning to add even more - instruction set information for many popular families, CPU architecture pages, package information, and information pages about specific features of the processors like MMX, power management features, etc.

Update (Feb 2006): The site added much more information in the past 1.5 years: it is now possible to add comments or upload images to web pages, the site has memorabilia section, it has microprocessor architectures, socket and core names pages, identification tool was enhanced to interpret AMD stepping codes, and so on. I'm planning to spend more time on the site and less time on the collection, and I hope that I will implement things I planned in the past - like feature pages, or package information. I'm also going to work on things that I started long time ago but never finished, like benchmarking or information on support chips.

About Gennadiy Shvets (CPU-World founder)

I'm an application programmer with about 25 years of programming experience in different languages. I started with BASIC and assembly language on Apple II, PDP, and IBM PC compatible computers, then moved to C language, and finally switched to web development using mostly perl, SQL and javascript. My web-related job experience includes working for a few years for online advocacy company Capitol Advantage, and working for many years as a web interface developer / senior programmer for small but terrific company Capital Software. Besides work, I did several side projects, including motherboard upgrade database, notebook and mobile devices database, online Art Gallery, and online text converter, that can convert text to lowercase and uppercase, and can do many other things, like strip spaces, lines or HTML code, process CSV data, etc. CPU-World.com also started as a side project, and so far it is the most successful one.

While at this time the CPU-World website takes much more of my time than my CPU collection hobby, I'm still looking for new additions to the collection and to the website. If you have old and/or rare microprocessors, co-processors and microcontrollers listed in my list of wanted chips please send an e-mail to info@cpu-world.com. If you think that your chips could be rare and they are not listed on the site please e-mail me too. I'm also interested in microprocessor datasheets and other information about the chips - please see my list of wanted datasheets. I always try to respond to e-mails the same or next day.

Please use the e-mail address above or one of CPU-World e-mails to request my shipping address.

Thanks to:

Many chips displayed on CPU-World were traded from the following chip collectors: Norm Anheier, Christian Bassow, John Culver, Steve Emery, Ian Foggon, John Munro, Karol Olszanski, Job Seesink, Derek Tyburski, Franz Wohlscheiber.

Thanks to Steve Galasinski who helped a lot to jump start Gennadiy's CPU collection.

Thanks to forum members cocoe, Neon and Neon_WA for CPUID submissions.

Thanks to Neon (Steve Jasper) for pictures and CPU benchmarks.

Thanks to Oleg Rodin and Anthony Shvets for news stories contributions.

Thanks to everybody who donated chips - your names are mentioned in descriptions of donated chips.

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