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To browse processor benchmarks:

  • Select CPU manufacturer to display only families and sockets, applicable to the manufacturer.
  • Choose desired CPU family or processor socket in the pull-down menus on the left.
  • To see benchmark chart of all CPUs for selected socket or family click on the Add to selected button, located next to the socket/family.
  • Alternatively, if you want to see benchmarks for specific model or part numbers, select one or more model/part numbers and click on the Add to Selected button.
  • To add more processors to the list click on the red X button to reset manufacturer, family or socket selections, or you can reset all fields by using the Reset All button. After that you can add more CPUs to your list. Resetting one or all menus does not affect a list of selected items on the right.
  • Click on the Show benchmark chart button to see the chart for all selected microprocessors.
  • Click on the Remove All button to clear the list of selected CPUs.
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