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  Model   Longer is better < Result MB/VID
Intel Pentium D 945  ? 
1 / 1
Intel Pentium D 940  ? 
1 / 1
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MB/VID field in the table above identifies components used to benchmark processors. The first number specifies which motherboard/memory was used for testing, and the second number specifies video card number used. Exact makes and models, as well memory specs for each MB and VID number are provided below.

MB - Motherboard and memory:
1. Intel DP965LT / 2GB dual-channel Corsair CM2X1024-6400C4
VID - Video card:
1. Powercolor 24PRO256M DDR2 (ATI Radeon HD2400)
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Benchmark details

3DMark03 CPU test is a part of 3DMark03 diagnostic/benchmark tool, which is used to measure graphics, game and CPU performance. The CPU test runs Wings of Fury and Trolls' Lair game simulations at low resolution and with some features disabled, while using the software vertex shader, provided by DirectX API. The test keeps a track of average number of frames per second for each game, and uses them to calculate a 3DMark CPU score. The result is heavily influenced by processor's single-core performance, but it is also affected by the type of GPU.

Color codes

The benchmark chart uses the following colors to distinguish between different CPU families:
Pentium D

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