Socket 1155 benchmarks

On this page you will find comparison charts, showing how different Socket 1155 processors stack against each other when running multiple threads or processes at once. The difference in performance between each of the listed CPUs is calculated as an average of differences in 11 multi-threaded benchmarks from our benchmark database. Test applications and programs, included into averaged performance, are Blowfish encryption, CINEBENCH R10, Euler3D, FLAC encoding, Fritz Chess Benchmark, H.264 video encoding, PCMark05, LAME MP3 encoding, MySQL 5.0.96, wPrime, and XVid video encoding.

Benchmarks of Socket 1155 CPUs

The aggregate multi-threaded performance for all tested Socket 1155 processors is presented in the chart below. The most important differences between characteristics of all microprocessors are displayed in the "Specs" column.

ModelRelative performance Specs
Core i7-3770
1011.9%4C, 3.4 GHz, HT
Core i7-3770K
1010.5%4C, 3.5 GHz, HT
Core i7-3770S
962.0%4C, 3.1 GHz, HT
Core i7-2700K
954.0%4C, 3.5 GHz, HT
Core i7-2600
930.3%4C, 3.4 GHz, HT
Core i7-2600K
929.9%4C, 3.4 GHz, HT
Core i5-3570
832.9%4C, 3.4 GHz
Core i5-3570K
829.7%4C, 3.4 GHz
Core i5-3550
809.8%4C, 3.3 GHz
Core i5-3570S
790.1%4C, 3.1 GHz
Core i5-3470
788.6%4C, 3.2 GHz
Core i7-2600S
786.6%4C, 2.8 GHz, HT
Core i5-2550K
775.3%4C, 3.4 GHz
Core i5-3450
766.9%4C, 3.1 GHz
Core i5-2500K
755.6%4C, 3.3 GHz
Core i5-2500
754.3%4C, 3.3 GHz
Core i5-2450P
732.7%4C, 3.2 GHz
Core i5-3350P
724.2%4C, 3.1 GHz
Core i5-3450S
724.0%4C, 2.8 GHz
Core i5-3340
723.3%4C, 3.1 GHz
Core i5-2400
712.9%4C, 3.1 GHz
Core i5-2380P
711.2%4C, 3.1 GHz
Core i5-3330
701.6%4C, 3 GHz
Core i5-2320
692.5%4C, 3 GHz
Core i5-2310
671.1%4C, 2.9 GHz
Core i5-2300
651.1%4C, 2.8 GHz
Core i5-2500S
637.7%4C, 2.7 GHz
Core i5-2400S
591.8%4C, 2.5 GHz
Core i5-2405S
591.7%4C, 2.5 GHz
Core i5-2500T
550.8%4C, 2.3 GHz
Core i3-3250
505.6%2C, 3.5 GHz, HT
Core i3-3240
492.4%2C, 3.4 GHz, HT
Core i3-3245
490.4%2C, 3.4 GHz, HT
Core i3-3225
479.3%2C, 3.3 GHz, HT
Core i3-3220
478.7%2C, 3.3 GHz, HT
Core i3-2130
476.6%2C, 3.4 GHz, HT
Core i3-3210
465.1%2C, 3.2 GHz, HT
Core i3-2120
463.7%2C, 3.3 GHz, HT
Core i3-2125
463.1%2C, 3.3 GHz, HT
Core i3-2100
436.9%2C, 3.1 GHz, HT
Core i3-2105
436.9%2C, 3.1 GHz, HT
Core i5-2390T
436.5%2C, 2.7 GHz, HT
Core i3-3220T
410.8%2C, 2.8 GHz, HT
Pentium G2140
404.3%2C, 3.3 GHz
Pentium G2130
392.9%2C, 3.2 GHz
Pentium G2120
381.2%2C, 3.1 GHz
Pentium G2030
369.5%2C, 3 GHz
Core i3-2120T
368.9%2C, 2.6 GHz, HT
Pentium G870
364.4%2C, 3.1 GHz
Pentium G2020
358.2%2C, 2.9 GHz
Core i3-2100T
356.2%2C, 2.5 GHz, HT
Pentium G860
353.4%2C, 3 GHz
Pentium G2010
346.5%2C, 2.8 GHz
Celeron G1630
343.7%2C, 2.8 GHz
Pentium G850
342.5%2C, 2.9 GHz
Pentium G645
342.0%2C, 2.9 GHz
Celeron G1620
332.1%2C, 2.7 GHz
Pentium G840
331.4%2C, 2.8 GHz
Pentium G640
331.3%2C, 2.8 GHz
Pentium G2100T
323.6%2C, 2.6 GHz
Celeron G1610
320.6%2C, 2.6 GHz
Pentium G630
320.0%2C, 2.7 GHz
Celeron G555
316.9%2C, 2.7 GHz
Pentium G2020T
311.1%2C, 2.5 GHz
Pentium G620
309.0%2C, 2.6 GHz
Celeron G550
306.1%2C, 2.6 GHz
Pentium G645T
297.4%2C, 2.5 GHz
Celeron G540
295.2%2C, 2.5 GHz
Celeron G1610T
286.3%2C, 2.3 GHz
Celeron G530
284.0%2C, 2.4 GHz
Pentium G630T
274.8%2C, 2.3 GHz
Pentium G620T
262.6%2C, 2.2 GHz
Celeron G550T
261.6%2C, 2.2 GHz
Celeron G470
148.7%1C, 2 GHz, HT
Celeron G465
141.8%1C, 1.9 GHz, HT
Celeron G460
133.9%1C, 1.8 GHz, HT
Celeron G440
100.0%1C, 1.6 GHz

Price / performance ratio of Socket 1155 CPUs

Using the results from the graph above, we ranked Socket 1155 processors based on their price/performance ratio. Value for each model was calculated as an average multi-threaded performance, divided by processor's current official price. Chips with the best price/performance ratio are positioned at the top of the chart. The following features are identical for all Socket 1155 CPUs in the graph below: 2 cores. Please see the "Specs" column for the specifications differences between processors.

ModelRelative price/performance Specs
Celeron G1620
225.2%2.7 GHz, 2MB
Celeron G1610
217.5%2.6 GHz, 2MB
Celeron G1610T
194.1%2.3 GHz, 2MB
Celeron G1630
188.3%2.8 GHz, 2MB
Pentium G2030
164.4%3 GHz, 3MB
Pentium G2020
159.4%2.9 GHz, 3MB
Pentium G2010
154.2%2.8 GHz, 3MB
Pentium G2130
149.2%3.2 GHz, 3MB
Pentium G2120
144.8%3.1 GHz, 3MB
Pentium G2020T
138.4%2.5 GHz, 3MB
Pentium G2140
133.9%3.3 GHz, 3MB
Pentium G2100T
122.9%2.6 GHz, 3MB
Core i3-3240
119.9%3.4 GHz, 3MB, HT
Core i3-3220
116.6%3.3 GHz, 3MB, HT
Core i3-3250
104.4%3.5 GHz, 3MB, HT
Core i3-3245
104.2%3.4 GHz, 3MB, HT
Core i3-3220T
100.0%2.8 GHz, 3MB, HT
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