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  Manuf. Family Model Frequency
Part number Submitted
AMD Turion II Dual-Core Mobile P520 2294     Link
AMD E2-Series E2-3800 1297   mtcos Link
Intel Xeon 2.50 GHz 2500 CM8063501287802   Link
AMD Athlon 64 2800+ 1809     Link
Intel Core i3 Mobile i3-2330M 2195   mtcos Link
AMD Phenom II X4 840 3152     Link
Intel Xeon L5639 2128 AT80614005076AB   Link
Intel Celeron D 2.80 GHz 2800   mtcos Link
Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2200 2210 HH80557PG0491M Dukers Link
AMD Athlon II Neo Mobile K125 1700 AMK125LAV13GM Joseph Feldstein Link
Intel Pentium Dual-Core Mobile 2020M 2394 AW8063801033501   Link
Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 2324 HH80557PH0362M   Link
Intel Pentium Dual-Core Mobile B950 2095 FF8062700847901   Link
AMD A4-Series for Notebooks A4-3310MX 2096 AM3310HLX23GX Puntosmx Link
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 2999 EU80570PJ0806M   Link
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ 2712     Link
AMD Phenom II Quad-Core Mobile P960 1795 HMP960SGR42GM Mathew Link
AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 2158     Link
Intel Pentium 4 672 3800 HH80547PG1122MH m4st4 Link
Intel Pentium 4 672 3800 HH80547PG1122MH m4st4 Link
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NOTE: CPUID data, presented on this page, was submitted by numerous site visitors using our homegrown CWID program. The "CPUID database" page shows only submissions, that the visitors elected to show publicly. If you can't find the results for your processor, we encourage you to submit them into our CPUID database, and make them public. Even if you see the results for your CPU model, you may still want to run the CWID program to check the features of your processor. Primary reason for that is that there could be multiple core steppings for the same model / processor number, and different steppings may have slightly different features. If you're not comfortable making your submission public, you can still view CPUID information privately, and optionally delete it afterwards.

Please, note that the page is still in "Beta" state, and identification of CPU family and model numbers may not work well on some older processors (Pentium III, Celeron and a few others).

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