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Troubleshooting, upgrade and support questions:

Please note that we do not have resources to provide any kind of support therefore we do not respond to any e-mails with system upgrade and troubleshooting questions, and we reject any submitted comments with these types of questions (rejected comments can be found on rejected comments page). If you have a problem with your computer or if you need processor upgrade or replacement advice please post a message in CPU-World forum. You don't need to register to post a message in the "Modern CPUs - upgrades, overclocking and troubleshooting" and "Information Requests" areas of the forum. We monitor the forum, and if we know the answer we will respond to your question.

Price quotes:

Please do not send us requests for price quotes. CPU-World does not sell microprocessors, microcontrollers and other electronic components. The purpose of www.cpu-world.com is to provide information about chips.

Price estimates:

We no longer provide price estimates for obsolete processors and other chips, vintage boards and kits. We also don't provide gold scrap value for obsolete and modern components.


We do not sell advertisement space on the site. Our website uses unusual approach in the way how we display most of the contents - via static HTML pages, rather than dynamically generating dynamic pages. That limits our ability to replace on-page advertisements, therefore we prefer to stick with one advertising network. Currently it's Adsense. You're welcome to suggest your own advertisement network. Our main requirements for such networks are no pop-up and pop-under ads, no flash, and no inline text advertisements.

Link Exchange requests:

All links exchange requests coming from sites with unrelated site content will be reported as spam.

Comments, requests or other information about CPU-World.com website:

Contact us to get clarification of website policies, request comment or picture removal, report broken links, images, javascript or HTML errors, or report other problems with the website.


General information:

Please use the e-mail below for any questions, comments, suggestions, or requests related to information posted on the website. Please put "ATTN: <author name>" in the subject if you want to write to one of our news story authors.


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