HP part numbers for microprocessors and microcontrollers

Information about HP custom numbers, listed below, was compiled from different sources - chip markings, newsgroup and forum postings, auction and sale listings, and others sources. Although we tried to verify every custom part number on the list, some of these numbers came only from one source, and may or may not be correct. Please post a comment if you have correction to one or more part numbers, or if you have information about unlisted HP custom part numbers.

HP house numbers for CPUs/MCUs

HP part numberCommon CPU/MCU part number
1820-1221Intel C8008-1 / D8008-1
1820-1480Motorola MC6800L
1820-1613Intel D8080A
1820-1701Intel 8080A (8080A-2) / AMD AM9080A-2DC
1820-1783Texas Instruments TMS8080ANL
1820-1928Fairchild 3850PC
1820-2006AMD AM9080A-4DC
1820-2069Intel P4040
1820-2074Intel P8085A / P8085AH
1820-2099Motorola MC6802P
1820-2137Motorola MC68A00P
1820-2151Motorola MC6802L
1820-2176Intel P8035
1820-2188Mostek MK3880N
1820-2205Intel P8085A-2
1820-2238National Semiconductor IDM2901ADC
1820-2240Motorola MC68A08P
1820-2271Intel P8039
1820-2278Intel D8748
1820-2293Motorola MC68B00P
1820-2298Zilog Z8400A PS / Mostek MK3880N-4
1820-2308Intel P8039-6
1820-2340AMD AM2511DC
1820-2349Texas instruments TMS9900JL
1820-2358Motorola MC68B00L
1820-2377AMD AM2903DC
1820-2378AMD AM2910DC
1820-2411Motorola MC6800P
1820-2422National Semiconductor IDM2901A-1NC
1820-2433Intel C8748-8
1820-2442AMD AM2902PC
1820-2490Motorola MC6809P
1820-2505Motorola MC68000L
1820-2523National Semiconductor IDM2911ANC
1820-2528Intel ID8039
1820-2553AMD AMZ8002DC
1820-2556AMD AM2901BDC
1820-2562Motorola MC6803P
1820-2589Synertek SYC6502B
1820-2596Intel D8086-2
1820-2612Motorola MC6809L
1802-2620Intel D8088
1820-2624Motorola MC68B09P
1820-2637AMD AMZ8002-1DC
1820-2638AMD AMZ8001-1DC
1820-2649Zilog Z80B / Mostek MK3880N-6
1820-2650Mostek MK38P70/02R
1820-2651Motorola MC6803L-1
1820-2667AMD AM2901BPC
1820-2737Intel 8048
1820-3320Motorola MC68000L10
1820-3514Intel P8088-2
1820-3533Harris CP80C86
1820-5373OKI M80C49-600
1820-7609AMD AM29000-30GC?
1821-085980486DX2-66 (with heatsink)
1821-116880486DX2-66 (no heatsink)
1821-1734Pentium 66 MHz
1821-2244Pentium 166 MHz
1821-2294Pentium 100 MHz
1821-2295Pentium 133 MHz
1821-2604Pentium 166 MHz
1821-3449Intel Pentium Pro 200 MHz (256 KB internal cache)
1821-3450Intel Pentium Pro 180 MHz (256 KB internal cache)
1821-3451Intel Pentium Pro 166 MHz (512 KB internal cache)
1821-3452Intel Pentium Pro 200 MHz (512 KB internal cache)
1821-4608Intel Pentium II 350MHz (512 KB level 2 cache)
3AA1-1105HP PA RISC 8600 500MHz processor

HP house numbers of vintage chips and memory

HP part numberCommon chip part number
1818-0128intel C2107B
1818-0250Intel D2708
1818-0284AMD AM1702ADC
1818-0319Intel P5101L-3
1818-0342Intel P2101A-4
1818-0425Intel P2101A-2
1818-0449Intel P4002-1
1818-0492Intel P2114A-4
1818-0794Intel C2716
1820-2070Intel D4289
1820-2071Intel D4201
1820-2389Motorola MC2902APC
1820-2299Mostek MK3883N-4
1820-2300Mostek MK3887N-4
1820-2301Mostek MK3882N-4
1820-2518Mostek MK3884N-4

Comments: 10


2007-05-15 22:20:23
Posted by: Unzlbunzl

has to be some sort of 80196, because of use on HDD and 1986 Intel copyright



2009-05-09 15:51:35
Posted by: SOOSAI


ASIC + MCF5202 ColdFire CPU core

2010-03-12 14:22:10
Posted by: Worfvx

HP part number: 1QL2-0001 /NPQL2C4112
Motorola part number: SC414355FT

ASIC + MCF5202 ColdFire CPU core

Harris CP80C86 with HP part number 1820-3533.

2010-07-22 01:41:01
Posted by: pinkie

HP part number Common part number
1820-3533 Harris CP80C86

Harris CP80C86 with HP part number 1820-3533.

HP PA-RISC 8600 - 3AA1-1105

2010-10-25 20:02:20
Posted by: Neon


HP PA-RISC 8600 - 3AA1-1105

HP PA-RISC 8600 - 3AA1-1105

2010-10-25 20:02:45
Posted by: Neon


HP PA-RISC 8600 - 3AA1-1105

more part numbers

2013-06-10 03:25:48
Posted by: ZyMOS

3AA1-1106 = PA-8600

1QM1-0012 = PA-8500

3AA2-2306 = PA-8700

3AA2-2206 = PA-8700

1ST0-0004 = PA-8000
Source: Wikimedia Commons images: HP microprocessors category

HP PA8500 360MHz 1QM1-0012

2013-11-21 09:21:33
Posted by: Worfvx


HP PA8500 360MHz 1QM1-0012

HP PA8500 360MHz 1QM1-0012

2013-11-21 09:22:19
Posted by: Worfvx


HP PA8500 360MHz 1QM1-0012


2013-12-22 04:19:08
Posted by: xhoba

Zilog Z80 4MHz
Z84C0004VSC PLCC-44


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