Specifications of upcoming Core i7-970

As was reported by other hardware news sites in February and March, Intel plans new six-core Core i7-970 microprocessor in the third quarter of this year. Much like the Core i7 Extreme i7-980X, the i7-970 will be based on Westmere micro-architecture, feature 256 KB/core L2 and 12 MB L3 caches, and have HyperThreading and TurboBoost technologies enabled. The CPU will operate at 3.2 GHz, which is slower by 133 MHz than the i7-980X, but the same frequency the as the fastest at this moment non-extreme Core i7-960 CPU. The first production S-spec of the i7-970 is SLBVF. OEM processors will have part number AT80613005490AD, and boxed ones will have part number BX80613I7970.

For differences between the upcoming I7-970, i7-980X and the Core i7-960 please see the table below.

ModelMicro-architectureTechnologyFrequencyCoresL2 cacheL3 cacheQPI
I7-960Nehalem45nm3.2 GHz41 MB8 MB4.8 GT/s
I7-970Westmere32nm3.2 GHz61.5 MB12 MB4.8 GT/s
I7-980XWestmere32nm3.33 GHz61.5 MB12 MB6.4 GT/s

Update (July 26): Fixed QPI

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2010-07-26 11:21:53
Posted by: CPU-World

Those were preliminary specifications, and not all of them turned out to be correct. The QPI value in the article is fixed. Thank you for the correction!

Incorrect specsq

2010-07-26 10:54:31
Posted by: tony

According to Intel, the QPI speed is 4.8 GTS, not the 6.4 as mentioned in the article.

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