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Roadmap of ARM microprocessors for the next few years was made public in a leaked PDF file titled "Samsung System LSI Application processor for Netbook". The PDF file was produced by Samsung Electronics, and is dated by November 2009. According to the document, the next line of Cortex application processors, dual-core Cortex-A9, will go into production in the first quarter 2011. In the same year ARM will produce single-core version of Cortex-A9, codenamed Pegasus, and in 2012 there will be faster version of Cortex A9 operating at 1 GHz. Quad-core Cortex, codenamed Aquila, will be launched in 2012 or 2013. The table below details provides more roadmap details for application processors:

ProcessorCodenameNumber of coresFrequencySample availabilityMass production
Cortex-A8S5PV21011 GHz1st quarter 20103rd quarter 2010
Cortex-A9Orion2800 MHz3rd quarter 20101st quarter 2011
Cortex-A9Pegasus11 GHz2nd quarter 20114th quarter 2011
Cortex-A9Hercules21 GHz3rd quarter 20111st quarter 2012
Cortex-A9Draco21.2 GHz2012/2013
Cortex EagleAquila41.2 GHz2012/2013

Classic ARM processor roadmap includes single- and dual-core Sparrow parts:

ProcessorCodenameNumber of coresFrequencyProduct availability
SparrowMercury1600 MHz2010/2011
SparrowVenus2600 MHz2012/2013

While Sparrow processors are not yet commercially available, ARM already licenses the design to other companies. The first license for Sparrow processor was signed more than a year ago, in the 1st quarter 2009.

In related news, Apple was rumored to buy ARM Holdings. For more information and detailed analysis of this rumor please proceed to

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