Prices of upcoming Athlon II CPUs

We posted news today regarding pre-order prices for upcoming Intel Core i5-655K and Core i7-875K microprocessors. But it gets even better. We just discovered that forthcoming Athlon II processors are also available for pre-order on Provantage website. We collected prices for current and upcoming dual-, triple- and quad-core Athlon microprocessors, and merged them together with microprocessor features in the table below:

ProcessorFrequencyL2 cacheTDPPrice
Athlon II X2 240e2.8 GHz2x1 MB45 Watt$75.03
Athlon II X2 245e2.9 GHz2x1 MB45 Watt$87.57
Athlon II X2 2553.1 GHz2x1 MB65 Watt$72.03
Athlon II X2 2603.2 GHz2x1 MB65 Watt$83.46
Athlon II X3 405e2.3 GHz3x512 KB45 Watt$100.94
Athlon II X3 415e2.5 GHz3x512 KB45 Watt$113.85
Athlon II X3 4403 GHz3x512 KB95 Watt$76.68
Athlon II X3 4453.1 GHz3x512 KB95 Watt$97.63
Athlon II X4 605E2.3 GHz4x512 KB45 Watt$146.23
Athlon II X4 610E2.4 GHz4x512 KB45 Watt$155.45
Athlon II X4 6352.9 GHz4x512 KB95 Watt$103.79
Athlon II X4 6403 GHz4x512 KB95 Watt$132.91

New microprocessors are in bold. As can be seen from the table, new Athlon II top models are just one step (100 MHz) above current top models. The new models are priced at least $10 higher than current Athlon II models, but, if we take into account that prices for pre-order and low availability items are usually higher than prices for high availability items, then we can expect that launch prices for new Athlon II CPUs to be close to prices of current top Athlon II microprocessors.

Update (May 10, 2010): Athlon II X2 240e and Athlon II X3 415e processors were added to the table.

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