Intel Core i5-760 is planned

Intel disclosed part numbers for Core i5-760 microprocessor, which, apparently, is planned to be released in the future. Part number for OEM processors is BV80605001908AN, and for boxed CPUs is BX80605I5760. Production i5-760 parts will use S-spec SLBPR. The i5-760 CPU will be based on 45nm Lynnfield core, and will be clocked at 2.8 GHz, or 133 MHz faster than the Core i5-750. All other processor features, with the exception of Turbo Boost frequency, should be identical to Core i5-750. Here is quick comparison of Core i5-750, Core i5-750 and Core i7-860 features:

Model# CoresFrequencyL3 cacheTurbo BoostHyperThreading
Core i5-75042.67 GHz8 MB3.2 GHzNo
Core i5-76042.8 GHz8 MBUnknown (3.33GHz?)No
Core i7-86042.8 GHz8 MB3.47 GHzYes

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