Pentium E6800 and E5700 CPUs are in the works

Intel posted part numbers for two future Pentium dual-core microprocessors - E6800 and E5700. Both processors are based on older 45nm Wolfdale-3M core, and they will be produced in socket 775-compatible packages.

Intel Pentium E6800 will run at 3.33 GHz core frequency, or as high as Core 2 Duo E8600. The Pentium will have slower, 1066 Mhz, Front Side Bus frequency, and three times smaller L2 cache than the E8600. We can expect that the E6800 will have the same basic features as other Pentium dual-core CPUs - 64-bit instruction set, Execute disable bit and Virtualization technology. The microprocessor was assigned AT80571PH0932ML OEM part number, BX80571E6800 box part number, and SLGUE S-Spec number.

Intel Pentium E5700 is going to be the fastest Core microarchitecture-based CPU with 800 MHz FSB. The Pentium will be clocked at 3 GHz, that is 400 MHz higher than the fastest Core 2 Duo with 800 MHz FSB, or 200 MHz higher than the recently released Pentium E5500. Besides different CPU frequency and slower FSB, other features of E5700 will be identical to Pentium E6800. OEM part number for the CPU is AT80571PG0802ML, box part number is BX80571E5700, and S-spec number SLGTH.

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