Intel's Processorfinder tool is no more...

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Starting today Intel processor finder tool, that included detailed specifications for microprocessor S-Spec numbers, is officially dead, and redirects to ARK database ( ARK database was updated - it was redesigned, and, what's more important, it has more information than before. Regrettably, rather than showing specifications for specific S-Spec numbers, ARK pages show specifications for CPU model (one model may have many S-Spec numbers). That works fine if the differences between S-Spec numbers for certain model are just in the part number, core stepping, package / socket, Thermal Design Power, or Virtualization support, as those parameters are listed for each S-Spec. If the S-Spec numbers differ in something else, such as core voltage or maximum case temperature, ARK won't show this. Take, for example, Pentium 4 CPU with S-spec number SL4QD. This processor has core voltage 1.75 Volt, but the ARK database will show 1.605V - 1.75V range for the CPU. Fortunately, the number of such S-Spec numbers is few and far between, and the changes may inconvenience only a tiny number of users. Overall, redesigned ARK database brings more data about Intel processors, and it looks great too.

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New sl spec

2010-06-30 19:05:25
Posted by: MacGruber

I like it, after learning to click on "Ordering+Specs". for example shows 1 boxed stepping is a 561, not a 560 like others. The old SL spec sheet would show the specs for just one version of SL7J9.
Now easy to see the TDP variation in SLxxx using that long pull down list, but then Intel just lists the max TDP for CPU series on spec page.


2010-06-29 19:45:07
Posted by: anikk

What are you all talking about?? Everything's unchanged. It's here now:

Intel Processor Spec Finder

2010-06-28 17:49:19
Posted by: Larry C. Dukehart

I fail to understand why Intel took a perfectly good, easy to use tool like Processor Spec Finder and totally messed it up.

You can't find CPUID's and in some cases sSpec numbers, but now you can find Package Size, Processing Die Size, # of Processing Die Transistors the latter 3 being information I don't know where anyone in building or repair would ever use.

Also, does anyone really care to know the Estimated 1k Unit Price or the Launch Date?

Intel took a tool that wasn't broken, and fixed it until it broke.

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