AMD boxed desktop processors for Q3/Q4 2010

We recently stumbled upon public AMD dealer product training document, that contains limited information about planned desktop microprocessors for the rest of this year. The document doesn't show any new processor models besides those that are already known from our stories, and from stories posted by other hardware news sites. Nevertheless, we decided to post two pages from the document as they confirm impending release of new Phenom II, Athlon II and Sempron models. Because many processors were reported to be coming in the third quarter and listed under fourth quarter in the document, we're not sure whether release dates in document are correct or not. Also, the document doesn't include any OEM-only processors, and, it's possible, may not list all upcoming boxed desktop CPUs.

Planned Athlon II and Sempron processors for Q3/Q4 2010
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Athlon II line-up includes models that we already covered in the AMD Athlon II and Phenom II CPUs planned for the third quarter article: quad-core 615e and 645, triple-core 420e and 450, and dual-core 250e and 265. Two other processors, that were exposed by Fudzilla, are ultra-low power Athlon II X2 270u, and Sempron 150. Dual-core Athlon II 270u model will run at 2 GHz, and have 2 MB L2 cache, while using less than 25 Watt of power. Single-core Sempron 150 will operate at 2.9 GHz and have 1 MB level 2 cache. A number of old Athlon II CPUs could be discontinued in the fourth quarter. These are Sempron 140 and 145, Athlon II X2 250u, 240e and 250, X3 405e and 435, and X4 605e and 630.

Planned Phenom II processors for Q3/Q4 2010
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Two new Phenom II processors in the document are six-core 1075T and dual-core 560. It appears that Phenom II X2 550 and Phenom II X4 905e models may be discontinued in the 4th quarter. Phenom II X4 960T is not present in the document, and there is no mention of recently discovered Phenom II X4 840T.

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