Athlon II X2 220 unlocks into Phenom II 920

We recently completed benchmarking of our Athlon II X2 220 sample. As part of our CPU test procedure, we typically try to unlock any features that processors may have locked. In the case of this Athlon 220 microprocessor, we wanted to see if it's possible to unlock extra 1 MB of level 2 cache. When we tried to do this with our Athlon II 220, we weren't able to unlock the extra L2 cache, but, to our surprise, we discovered that we unlocked extra 2 cores and 6 MB L3 cache:

CPU-Z screenshot of
unlocked Athlon II X2 220

It turns out that, according to its "CACAC AC" stepping code, our Athlon II 220 is based on Deneb core. Unlocked processor is identified by BIOS as "AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 920 Processor". The unlocked processor passed all tests without a hitch. I guess we were lucky to buy the 220 with this stepping code because, as far as we know, other Athlon II X2s are based on Regor core, and come with stepping code "NAEGC AE", or similar one.

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