AMD Phenom II X6 1075T pre-launch specifications

Phenom II X6 1075T is the latest six-core CPU, which is about to be launched by AMD. First reports, emerged in January of this year, suggested May release date for this and three other six-core models. At the end of April, AMD announced only two processors, 1055T and 1090T, while another 1035T model was spotted in May in OEM Dell systems. The Phenom II 1075T was postponed until the third quarter, and, just a few days ago, first boxed 1075T CPUs materialized in retail stores.

The AMD Phenom II X6 1075T processor utilizes single-die design, where all six cores, clocked at 3 GHz, are located on the same die. When the maximum performance is required, and three or more cores are idle, the frequency of active cores may go as high as 3.5 GHz. When all cores are idle, the Cool'n'Quiet feature can drop frequency to 800 MHz to reduce power consumption and lower core temperature. The 1075T is built on enhanced K10 microarchitecture, and incorporates all features that come with the micro-architecture: per core 512 KB level 2 cache, exclusive shared 6 MB L3 cache, 64-bit instruction set, Virtualization technology, and SSE3 SIMD instructions. The microprocessor is based on newer core revision, codenamed Thuban, that has a few new features, including Turbo Core technology, and C1E low-power state. Thermal Design Power of the CPU is 125W. The AMD 1075T model uses standard for Phenom IIs 938-pin package, that fits socket AM2+ and AM3 motherboards. There are two versions of this processor. Black Edition has unlocked clock multiplier, and it is sold in black-colored box marked as HDT75ZFBGRBOX. That version has HDT75ZFBK6DGR OEM part number. Standard edition of the CPU with locked multiplier comes with HDT75TFBK6DGR and HDT75TFBGRBOX part and box numbers, and is shipped in a purple-colored box.

Until now, support for the AMD Phenom II 1075T CPU was added to Biostar and MSI motherboards. The processor uses the same E0 core stepping as other six-core microprocessors, therefore motherboards from other manufacturers will likely support this model as long as boards support six-core Phenom IIs with 125 Watt Thermal Design Power. Official announcement of this microprocessor is expected tomorrow, September 21. The standard edition of the 1075T is already available from various stores, including and Fry's Electronics. The cheapest price for this CPU is $179.99 in Fry's Electronics stores. This price is in store only, and is valid until September 21. The prices in other online stores are considerably higher, $265 and up. The standard Phenom II 1075T version, currently sold in stores and online, may be mistakenly marked as 2.8 GHz part, although the microprocessor inside does run at 3 GHz.

You can find benchmarks of the Phenom II 1075T microprocessor in our benchmark database. We tested the 1075T CPU with and without the Turbo Core feature. The tests with disabled Turbo Core technology are marked as (TC off). For your convenience, here are direct links that compare X6 1075T model with other Phenom II six-core microprocessors, Phenom II X4 processors, and several Core i7 CPUs.

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