Intel launches new Core i7, Core i5 and Celeron mobile CPUs

Eight Core i5, Core i7 and Celeron branded microprocessors were added today by Intel to the price list. The new processors are aimed at budget and high-performance mobile markets, and include standard-, low- and ultra-low power models. The cheapest new CPUs, Celerons T3500 and P4600, are priced below $100, while more powerful models with HyperThreading, Turbo Boost and Vpro features cost as much as $346:

Prices of Core i5 and Core i7 standard-power models
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In addition to introduction of new parts, Intel also dropped price of Celeron T3300 CPU from $86 to $80. The prices of remaining older top Core i7, Core i5 and Celeron models haven't changed, which makes older top models much less attractive than the new ones. For example, Core i5-560M, operating at 2.66 GHz, is priced lower than slower Core i5-540M. Another example is Celeron P4600, that has the same price as worse performing Celeron P4500. Perhaps, the prices of older top processors are not reflected yet in the price list, or they may be reduced by Intel in the near future.

The best new ultra-low (ULV) power CPU is Core i7-680UM. Based on 32nm Arrandale core, the processor operates at 1.46 GHz, which is almost 10% faster than any other Arrandale-based ULV CPU. Processor's performance is even more obvious once a Turbo Boost feature is enabled. When the feature is on, the Core i5-680UM can run up to 18% higher frequency than the newly launched Core i5 ULV models.

The fastest from new standard-power microprocessors is Core i7-640M. Not only this CPU incorporates all advanced features of 32nm enhanced Nehalem micro-architecture, it is also the highest clocked socket 988 processor to date. Two Core i5-560M and i5-580M processors, released today, should perform close to the i7-640M, while having significantly better price. On the budget end there are two new Intel Celeron models, which are good enough for modern-day office tasks, but underpowered for more CPU intensive applications, like media encoding or the latest games. One of the Celerons, T3500, is based on 45nm Penryn core, and is intended for old generation of notebooks with socket P motherboards.

For your convenience we compiled brief processor specifications in the table below:

ProcessorTechnologyCoresFrequencyTurbo frequencyFSBL2 cacheL3 cacheHyperThreading?TDPPrice
Celeron P460032nm22 GHzN/AN/A0.5 MB2 MBNo35W$86
Celeron T350045nm22.1 GHzN/A800 MHz1 MBNoneNo35W$80
Core i5-560M32nm22.66 GHz3.2 GHzN/A0.5 MB3 MBYes35W$225
Core i5-560UM32nm21.33 GHz2.13 GHzN/A0.5 MB3 MBYes18W$250
Core i5-580M32nm22.66 GHz3.33 GHzN/A0.5 MB3 MBYes35W$266
Core i7-640M32nm22.8 GHz3.46 GHzN/A0.5 MB4 MBYes35W$346
Core i7-660LM32nm22.26 GHz3.06 GHzN/A0.5 MB4 MBYes25W$346
Core i7-680UM32nm21.46 GHz2.53 GHzN/A0.5 MB4 MBYes18W$317

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