Intel introduces Mobile Pentiums, Core i3-380M and Core i5-460M

Today, Intel ark database ( was updated with specifications of microprocessors released last Sunday. In addition to 8 Core i5, Core i7 and Mobile Celeron CPUs, that we covered in yesterday's new story, Intel published specifications of 4 other models - Core i5-460M, Core i3-380M, and mobile Pentium P6100 and P6200. All four processors have the status "Launched" in the database. Apparently, the CPUs were a part of yesterday's big launch, but were not included in Intel's price list because the pricelist, for unknown reason, doesn't show any Pentium, Core i3 and Core i5-4xx mobile families.

Pentium P6100 and P6200 are two budget models based on a stripped-down Arrandale core. These dual-core processors, clocked at 2 and 2.13 GHz respectively, incorporate 3 MB L2 cache, don't have any advanced features, and lack even Virtualization technology. Performance-wise the Pentiums are slightly faster than the Celeron P4600 owing to 50% larger size of L3 cache, and, in the case of Pentium P6200 CPU, due to higher CPU frequency. The Pentiums P6100/P6200 add support for SSE4 instructions, and should be obviously faster than the Celeron in SSE4-enabled applications.

Core i3-380M is a mid-class and mid-performance CPU with basic Arrandale features, coupled with Virtualization and HyperThreading technologies. The processor is clocked at 2.53 GHz, which is noticeably faster than the Pentiums, and 133 MHz faster than the fastest (until yesterday) Core i3-370M microprocessor. Unlike mobile Pentium P6100 an P6200 parts, which are manufactured only in a PGA988-compatible package, the Core i3-380M is produced in BGA and PGA packages.

Core i5-460M processor is in many ways similar to the Core i3-380M. The microprocessor operates at 2.53 GHz, utilizes the same Arrandale core, and has the same size of caches and assortment of technologies as the i3-380M. One new feature on this CPU is a Turbo Boost technology, which may increase core frequency up to 2.8 GHz under certain conditions. Similar to the Core i3-380M, the 460M is manufactured in two package types, micro-BGA and micro-PGA.

Brief specification of new microprocessors are listed in the table below. Official Intel prices for these processors are unknown.

ProcessorCoresThreadsFrequencyTurbo frequencyL3 cacheTDP
Pentium P6100222 GHzN/A3 MB35 Watt
Pentium P6200222.13 GHzN/A3 MB35 Watt
Core i3-380M242.53 GHzN/A3 MB35 Watt
Core i5-460M242.53 GHz2.83 MB35 Watt

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