Three new AMD Turion II and Phenom II mobile CPUs spotted

Within last 3 weeks, both AMD and Intel refreshed mobile CPU lineups. Intel introduced new dual-core standard-power processors in all market segments, from budget Celeron line to high-performance Core i7 family, as well as a few low- and ultra-low voltage Core i5 and Core i7 microprocessors. AMD released faster versions of almost every single model from V Series, Athlon II, Turion II and Phenom II families. With 10 new mobile CPUs, AMD's platform refresh looked as extensive as Intel's update. But it gets even better. We found that three additional mobile processors from AMD are available now. HP ProBook 4525s notebook PC, with part number VE694AV, can be customized to include Turion II Dual-Core P560, Phenom II Dual-Core P650 and Phenom II Quad-Core P960 CPUs:

HP ProBook 4525s notebook customization page
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Three new mobile microprocessors are based on the same micro-architecture, and, for the most part, have identical set of features - single-die design with integrated memory controller and one HyperTransport link, support for Streaming SIMD extensions up to SSE3 and SSE4a, AMD64 instruction set and Virtualization technology. Rated for 25 Watt Thermal Design Power, the processors are produced in micro-PGA package, compatible with the last, DDR3-enabled, revision of socket S1.

AMD Phenom II X4 P960 includes 4 CPU cores, each equipped with 128KB level 1 and 512 KB level 2 caches. The processor operates at 1.8 GHz core frequency, which is 200 MHz higher than the frequency of the first power-optimized quad-core Phenom II P920, but 300 MHz lower than the fastest Phenom II X4 N950 with 35 Watt TDP.

Phenom II X2 P650 and Turion II X2 P560 models differ only by operating frequency and branding. The processors have two cores, include 2 MB level cache, and clocked at 2.8 GHz and 2.5 GHz respectively. With twice larger level 2 cache, and considerably higher frequency than the quad-core P960, these models should have a big performance advantage over the P960 in single- and dual-threaded applications.

Official AMD prices for new models are unknown. HP ProBook 4525s customization page prices the P650 model $25 higher than the P560. Upgrading from the P650 to P960 adds another $70.

Correction (Jan 5): Phenom II P650 CPU operates at 2.6 GHz. As you can see from the picture the processors specs on HP ProBook 4525s order page were wrong when the story was posted (and are still wrong up to this moment). Correct specifications can be found in other HP documents, for example, this manual.

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