Part numbers of desktop Sandy Bridge CPUs emerge on Intel website

Part numbers of OEM and boxed desktop microprocessors, based on upcoming Sandy Bridge micro-architecture, were published today on Intel's website. S-Spec numbers of these CPUs were also made public. This information confirms model numbers of upcoming Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processors, that were revealed in July - August of this year. Also, there will be one new quad-core model, Intel Core i5-2300. This model is clocked at 2.8 GHz, and includes 6 MB L3 cache. Like other Intel Core i5 processors from i5-2xxx series, the i5-2300 doesn't support HyperThreading, and has 95 Watt Thermal Design Power.

OEM part numbers of Sandy Bridge processors use slightly different naming convention than Nehalem and Westmere-based CPUs. The part numbers of new CPUs consist of two letter prefix, that relates to processor package, followed by 5-digit number, that represents specific CPU core or a group of cores, and 8 digits that identify the CPU model. Nehalem / Westmere microprocessors also had two extra letters appended to the part number. These letters represented certain processor features.

Box part numbers of Sandy Bridge CPUs use the same naming convention as Nehalem / Westmere boxes. Box part numbers have either "BX" or "BXC" prefix, which corresponds to English or Chinese version of packaging. The prefix is followed by 5-digit number, related to the CPU core, and then followed by model number. As you can see from the list of Sandy Bridge boxed part numbers, that we included below, all of the upcoming boxed processors will be offered in English and Chinese packaging.

The table below lists OEM and boxed part numbers for many new Core i3 / i5 / i7 Sandy Bridge processors. For each CPU model, we also listed a few other features, such as the number of cores and frequency.

ModelCoresThreadsFrequencyOEM partBoxed part(s)S-Spec
Core i3-2100243.1 GHzCM8062301061600BX80623I32100 /
Core i3-2100T242.5 GHzCM8062301045908BX80623I32100T /
Core i3-2120243.3 GHzCM8062301044204BX80623I32120 /
Core i5-2300442.8 GHzCM8062301061502BX80623I52300 /
Core i5-2400443.1 GHzCM8062300834106BX80623I52400 /
Core i5-2400S442.5 GHzCM8062300835404BX80623I52400S /
Core i5-2500443.3 GHzCM8062300834203BX80623I52500 /
Core i5-2500K443.3 GHzCM8062300833803BX80623I52500K /
Core i7-2600483.4 GHzCM8062300834302BX80623I72600 /
Core i7-2600K483.4 GHzCM8062300833908BX80623I72600K /

Update (Nov 14): S-Spec numbers were corrected.

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2010-11-14 17:03:25
Posted by: gshv

Google for "Intel SR00T" (without quotes), it's the first hit on Google US. Proceed from there.


2010-11-14 11:03:23
Posted by: Jerry

i can't find it on intel site.
please give link to prove it.

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