Athlon II Neo K345 is offered in Dell Inspiron M101z in Australia

Launched in May 2010, AMD "Nile" ultrathin platform included 5 microprocessors from four different dual-core and single-core "Neo" families. Six months after the launch, we have all indications that AMD is planning to release new models for that platform. We already know three expected Neo models, Turion II Neo K645 and K685, and Athlon II K145. Today we discovered that yet another unannounced processor, dual-core Athlon II Neo K345, is shipped in Inspiron M101z laptop by Dell Australia.

Dell Inspiron M101z notebook utilizes AMD M880G Chipset, and comes with 11.6" widescreen LED display, powered by integrated ATI Mobility Radeon HD4225 graphics. Dell Australia website offers two CPU options for the laptop - dual-core K345 and single-core K145 chip. Laptop configuration with the AMD K345 CPU is shipped with 2 GB DDR3-1333 memory and 320 GB hard drive. Interesting that Dell advertises K145 configurations as more powerful options for the m101z laptop. This can be explained by the fact that the K345, clocked at 1.4 GHz, is not as fast in single-threaded applications as K145 at 1.8 GHz. In dual- and multi-threaded applications the K345 still should be better than the K145 model.

With the discovery of dual-core Athlon II K345 processor, we now know four models from the impending refresh of AMD Ultrathin platform. Details of these microprocessors are presented in the table below. We still don't know if V series family will be updated or not.

ModelCoresFrequencyL2 cacheHT linkTDP
Athlon II K14511.8 GHz1 MB1 GHz12 Watt
Athlon II K34521.4 GHz2 MB1 GHz12 Watt
Turion II K64521.6 GHz2 MB1.6 GHz15 Watt
Turion II K68521.8 GHz2 MB1.6 GHz15 Watt

Correction (Dec 18): Our reader Chris G pointed out that the Inspiron M101z configuration page is incorrect, and individual configuration pages show different processors. The cheapest configuration has AMD K145 CPU, while more expensive ones include Athlon II Neo K345. Thanks to Chris for catching it!

Update (Dec 20): New version of the Inspiron M101z laptop with Athlon II Neo K145 and K345 microprocessors is now available in Japan, New Zealand, and Malaysia. Dell Singapore currently sells M101z notebook with the K125 CPU only. Base configuration with AMD K145 CPU for all countries has 2 GB RAM and 320 GB hard disk drive, while the M101z systems with the Athlon II K345 double amount of memory to 4 GB.

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"More powerful" K145 is not more powerful

2010-12-18 06:47:56
Posted by: Chris G

A click-through from the front page (which indicates that the K145 is the "better", "best" or "ultimate" configuration) to the full system configuration section shows that the $649.00 configuration actually sports the K145, while the others all sport the K345. This seems logical - after all, one can only assume that it costs more to produce a dual core processor (whether or not it is slower when single-core applications are run on it).

Just thought it was worth clarification - I assume Dell will eventually update their front page to reflect this...

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