Intel prepares mobile Pentium U5600

Last Sunday Intel launched several budget microprocessors for mobile market - single-core Celeron 763 and 925, and dual-core Celeron U3600. It appears that Intel prepares yet another dual-core budget CPU from Pentium mobile family. The processor is a slightly faster version of Pentium U5400, and it was assigned processor number U5600. This model will be shipped in notebooks from such manufacturers as Acer, Toshiba and Samsung.

Mobile Pentium U5600 is an ultra low voltage (ULV) microprocessor, built on 32nm Westmere technology. The Pentium integrates two 1.33 GHz CPU cores, shared 3 MB L3 cache, and memory and graphics controllers. The CPU supports only basic technologies, like EM64T and XD bit. Sadly, the U5600 lacks Virtualization technology, which is supported by less expensive mobile Celerons, and by all AMD budget CPUs. The U5600 features low 18 Watt Thermal Design Power for the cores and for graphics / memory controllers. Existence of the mobile Pentium U5600 CPU was confirmed by Specification update for Pentium Mobile family (302KB PDF file), that was updated earlier this month. According to this update, the U5600 model will have SLBSM S-Spec number.

Intel U5600 CPU will be shipped in Acer Aspire 1430 and 1830 models. One of these notebooks, Acer AS1430Z-4677, is already for sale on Beside the Pentium U5600, the Aspire 1430Z comes with 11.6" widescreen display, 3 GB of memory, and 320 GH hard drive. Other features of the Aspire notebook are 1.3 MPixel webcamera and media card reader. The laptop utilizes HM55 Express Chipset with integrated Intel HD graphics. The Acer 1430Z-4677 is priced at $523.83.

Samsung has one notebook model, NT-X180-JA53P, that incorporates new ULV U5600 microprocessor. Like the Acer AS1430Z, the Samsung laptop includes 11.6" display, 320 GB HDD, and uses HM55 chipset and integrated Intel graphics. The NT-X180-JA53P has 2 GB of DDR3 memory, and supports Wi-Fi, 10/100 LAN and Bluetooth 3.0 interfaces.

Intel Pentium U5600 will also ship in Toshiba Portege 210. Grainew corporation, official Toshiba distributor in Taiwan, shows two T210 models on its website. Specifications of this netbook are close to the specs of the Samsung NT-X180-JA53P: 11" display, powered by integrated HD graphics, 2 GB of DDR3 RAM, and 320 GB hard disk.

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