Celeron B810 and 847 processors are on the way

In November of last year Digitimes reported about new Celeron B801 microprocessors, based on then upcoming Sandy Bridge microarchitecture. A few days ago, the rumors about release of second generation Celeron model with slightly different processor number B810 were confirmed by PCGamesHardware website. PCGamesHardware also revealed another model - Celeron 847. No details on these Celerons were provided in their article, however we were able to find basic specifications for both processors.

Celeron B810 will have two CPU cores, operating at 1.6 GHz, and using shared 2 MB level 3 cache. We don't have any details on the features, included in this model, but we suspect that, like Arrandale-based Celerons, it won't support HyperThreading or any other advanced technologies. So far we discovered Intel B810 in specifications of many Fujitsu LIFEBOOK laptops: A531, AH531, E751, P701 (link to PDF file), S751, S761, and in specifications of Fujitsu ESPRIMO Q900 desktop PC. We also found the B810 referenced in a product datasheet of Advantech AIMB-272 Mini-ITX board (PDF file). From unconfirmed source we learned that the Celeron B810 will have FF8062700848800 part number, which relates to SR088 S-Spec number. Judging by the FFxxx part number, the microprocessor will be manufactured in a micro-PGA package. The specifications, where we found this CPU, also include Core i3, i5 and i7 Sandy Bridge models, therefore we think that the B810 package will be compatible with socket G2.

Celeron 847 is an ultra-low voltage microprocessor, that, as we suspect, will have 18 Watt Thermal Design Power. The 847 will have 1.1 GHz clock frequency, and the same 2 MB L3 cache size as the Intel B810. The processor is going to have AV8062700852800 part number and SR08N S-spec number, although these numbers are not confirmed yet. In accordance with the AVxxx part number, the Intel 847 will be produced in a BGA package.

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